four hundred posts later

With some encouragement, in April of 2009 I started blogging. Not much has changed over the past five years, and then again a lot has changed…

Some things that have not changed:
  • In the very first paragraph of my first post I said “…makes me want to work in the equine industry...I'll keep thinking about a nitch I may be able to fill, that combines my design skills and my love of horses…” Yep, I am still thinking. Sigh. 
  • All three original horses continue to be a big part of our lives, and will be forever. I still don’t get to see our daughters horse Harmony very much. 
  • I continue learning new things about being a horse owner, and wholeheartedly believe the not so little things done during the early years set the foundation for your horse’s entire life. 
  • I'm still getting limited responses on my posts, altho people are viewing them. Five years later, my blog continues to be reflective in nature and non-controversial. Responses or not, it’s how I roll.
Some things that have changed:
  • Koda did not end up being our son’s horse, as I had predicted. He no longer thinks that “Koda’s a beast” now he just thinks horses are time consuming and expensive.
  • None of our horses live on the family farm anymore. 
  • Blog authors/past readers disappeared. Some have gone the way of Facebook. Don’t be fooled it’s apples vs oranges. Hope someday they’ll be back. 
  • Nemo’s color
photo from breeder
photo from three days ago

Have things changed a lot, or just a little, since you've started blogging?  

Of course there are a lot of other things that have changed for me since 2009, and yet much is the same. It would be silly to recap them all into one post, that's what those 399 links are for in the sidebar. Maybe I'll reorganize my posts someday? But then again,

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson     


The Dancing Donkey said...

I was looking at a few of my older posts the other day, some of them made me wonder...who the heck wrote that?:). I am not sure I want to go back and look too closely.

Dreaming said...

Interesting reflections.. and a great prompt to make me think as well. I can't believe your images of Nemo - Wow, what a change!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

changes? yup just like appaloosas I have gone from writing a little training journal , to a life journal, to a photographer/poet! Who know what a rare blessing blogging could be! , Glad to have "met" you and the comment and feedback thing is odd, I know lots of folks in my family read, few ever comment , but I tell you I forget to post for a while ? and they are on me!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi There!!!
You Certainly Encouraged Me Today, Thanks For The Nice Words.
I Love Relating Back And
Forth With Folks Here...And
Why I Took Such A Hiatus, Is
Blogger Suicide. But,
Though I Only Made It
Sound Like Pleasure Was
Occurring, And I Was Having
A Blast..Truth Is,I Got So
Stressed...Riding More,And
Not Thinking About
It Was Soothing.

So, Who Ever Shows Up To
Greet Me On My Blog, It's
Who I'll Follow. Simple.

I Liked Your Time Travel,
Look Back And Forward.
Change, She Does Tend To
Be Constant! These Blogs
Are Great For Recording Her
Look At That Nemo...Really
Amazing Change.

Well, Some Things I Wish
Could Change...Have To
Wait...And Other Things
Have Not Changed.
Boarding Is Still The
Pits...But I'm Making Due,
Thankful My Mare Survives
It All.(My Owner Reads My
Blog So Kinda Gloss Over
My True Feelings

allhorsestuff said...

Didn't Me an To End My Comment There , I'm On The Phone, So Sometimes Editing Is Tough, Had To Just Post!

Loved Your Post, Very Thought Worthy, And Reflective. Congrats On 400 Posts,Wow! I'm Not Sure Whet I'm At With Count...But2009 Was A Bigger Post Year For Me,iI Know That.
keep It Up, I'll Follow Ya To The End!
KK With WA Mare

aurora said...

Dancing, I find myself saying that a lot about my posts lol. Writing is not my forte, and surely pains the grammatically correct.

Dreaming, Reflecting on past reflections sure does makes a person re-think...

Back atcha Sherry!! I agree, blogging is so much more then first meets the eye.

I have no idea how you have the patience to blog from your phone Kacy, that my dear is true commitment. Kudos to you! Yes, Blogger can suck life right out as can any social media/computer zombie activity. One of the reasons I changed my work path. Always enjoy you first, the rest will be there when you return.

Shirley said...

Congratulations on post 400! One of the things I like best about blogs is looking back to see what went on at a given point in time, be it weather, foal photos, or whatever, it's nice to have a record- not something you can do easily with Facebook.

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley. Blogs are like a diary of sorts. I know Facebook & other Social Media lend itself to more interaction, but in my opinion blogs have much better content & thought.