Fall colors me happy ~ part 4 of 4

It's our last night at the ranch. The empty cabins are slowly filling up. While my hubby was deep in campfire conversation, I snuck away with camera in hand to do some visiting of my own. But not before I put my long lens on, because the ranch residents have never come up to greet me...but wait here they come, all of them. Standing just inches away. I try changing positions, but wherever I go, they follow me. What the heck? The fuzzy residents usually run the other way. 

The owners grandson joins me for two minutes, and then goes back to playing with his friend, before rejoining me just as fast, to say "it's because your holding something in your hand". Smart kid. Apparently holding a camera makes me really interesting to all living things, and is code for "I am friendly, and won't harm you". Grandkids, dogs, donkeys, ponies and even their cat come out of nowhere to greet me. Only Thor, the big Percheron, keeps his distance. The camera doesn't fool him.

I've been trying for years to pet the cute herd of mini donkeys. They were so darn close, I couldn't take any photos. I had to walk back to our cabin, to switch lenses. Go figure. Hope the donkeys will still be as friendly when I return!

I put together a quick slideshow of the fuzzy residents cuteness, and Thor in action:

In the morning, we woke to steady rain and never did take that last bonus trail ride. We always pack up first, and then decide if we will head out for one last short ride. Mother Nature decided for us, and made it easier to leave. The rain didn't matter, after three wonderful days of bliss.

Several things became apparent to me on this trip. Spending time in the north woods can unknowingly change your demeanor. Each day unfolding another layer. Clearing the mind, of that which does not matter. Fueling the soul, and making my heart sing.

The essential joy of being with horses
is that it brings us in contact
 with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.
- Sharon Ralls Lemon


C-ingspots said...

Wonderful truths! Loved the video, and those adorable donkeys!! Oh my...

Grey Horse Matters said...

It looks like a beautiful place where you enjoyed nature and horses and donkeys and....just gorgeous.

Loved the quote too.

aurora said...

Thank you! I'm hoping by spreading the Fall posts out, the feeling (s) can be rekindled.