savoring the sun

We had a beautiful sunny Fall day for a weekend trip up to Iron Horse. Our boys seemed happy to be back at their home away from home. Trainer Patty noticed Koda's round tummy right away. He hasn't done much of anything but be a horse for several weeks, amazing how quickly horses can change. 

We started with a short warm-up lunge, that would have been shorter if someone would have payed attention to me sooner. Koda was busy noticing every little thing that had changed since departing Iron Horse. Over to the outdoor arena we went. Koda & Nemo joined some friends. Rasta and owner Sue, and Patty was on Capone. We've not ridden with Capone before, altho he's been their for a long time and was stalled nearby. Capone is a Gypsy who was mishandled, and is patiently being re-trained. Trust is his biggest obstacle, along with the fear he was taught of other horses. Lucky for him to have been rescued by his new owners, and given a new lease on life.

It was so nice to ride in a large outdoor arena! Loping felt good. We didn't do too much, but just enough. We rested in between the fun, and caught up. When I asked for a turn, I once again got nothing. This time I had my spurs on, but even then had to increase my ask.That was the only resistance I got, everything else Koda picked up as if he had been doing it everyday of the week. We did a few other turns and side passes, he even read my mind on one particular spin. Funny boy.

Wish I could have bottled the feeling that day, of a long awaited ride in the warmth of the Fall afternoon sun. We weren't done riding, however during one of our breaks Koda closed his eyes. Capone was quite. Rasta and Nemo relaxed. We all smiled, our horses fell asleep while savoring the sun.

I had taken two camera's with me. My good one was in the truck, my point and shoot on my belt. We were on our way home when I realized, I completely forgot to take pictures. Guess that's a good thing, or at least a sign of pure enjoyment.

Koda was a thirsty boy when we got home


fernvalley01 said...

Love the photo at the end ! And too much fun for pics! yaya!

Wooddove said...

I'm admittedly a total newbie, but I've never seen a water source like that... I've only ever seen a tank. Would you mind explaining the purpose for that style?
Thank you!!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Glad you had a nice sunny day for a good ride. I love fall. It can give us some of the best riding weather all year.

aurora said...

Welcome Wooddove! Koda is drinking out of an old automatic waterer, made by Ritchie. New ones are made out of durable plastic. There is a doughnut type floater in each opening, that keeps the water from freezing and cool in the summer. The horses easily push it down, and drink water that is automatically pumped back in.