just in time

Glad we made it through the cold spell, just in time to move hay. As I'm sure you can relate, it's always easier to do without curious horses to work around. We decided to put the girls in the untouched arena. Altho calling Harmony & Cierra to the arena usually works, it wouldn't today. The snow was deep, and there was nothing to eat. What fun would that be?

I'm coming too!
(L-R) Harmony, Cierra and Brad
Interesting choice, I would have led Harmony, however Cierra may have opted not to follow. She is growing up, and developing a mind of her own! Harmony usually comes when you call her, and really doesn't like being alone - as you can see by the look on her face and spring in her step. It was a good choice.

Side by Side
Harmony & Cierra are never far apart.

It was pretty uneventful in the arena. Cierra did one quick roll, after they flattened out a little area. Also, Harmony untied the lead rope Brad left looped around the rail and wasn't too thrilled I didn't take her suggestion. Instead I took the lead rope, and walked away.

Cierra saying "are you SURE we can't get out yet?"

Didn't take long to transfer the hay. Harmony was happy to get out, and took off. Sweet Cierra wouldn't leave my side. She wasn't on a rope. I took off her halter and told her she didn't have to wait for me. She paused, got the message - and took off to eat hay.


juliette said...

Adorable sweet Cierra...she is the littlest helper in the big snow.

Where is Brad's hat? Doesn't he freeze?

aurora said...

Cierra is a sweetheart, but we can see the big girl attitude developing - it's actually kinda funny.

Brad rarely wears a winter hat, if he does it's typically a baseball cap. He's worked outside his entire life, and has pretty thick skin.

50+ Horses said...

Beautiful pictures and a great Post.