little turd

On my way home tonight I saw Harmony & Cierra nosing around, and noticed Brad hadn't fed. He wasn't back from his work trip yet. I changed into some chore clothes, hustled down to take care of them, and sent him a text so he knew there was no need to hurry home.

I welcomed the opportunity to feed. The girls seemed happy to see me, but not as happy as I was to see them! I was bummed I had missed Harmony's farrier visit yesterday, and didn't get to see Cierra's feet get done either. Guess it went well. Not much horse happening's these days, so any interaction is welcomed. I know I haven't been down to see the girls for more then a few days, but swear Cierra had a growth spurt and got taller since I last saw her. I'll have to get a picture of her royal cuteness next time, when there is more light.

Both girls were good, and waited for me to put their pans down. After giving them their evening hay, I stuck around and fluffed up their bedding, just so I could spend a little more time with them. What do you think Ms. Cierra did? She ignored the hay and soaked up some love until I was ready to leave, and then made a special trip into the shed and decided the bedding was perfectly fluffed just for her, so she could do her business ~ little turd!


juliette said...

A clean, fluffed up bed is the perfect place, didn't you know?

Jeni said...

hhahaha! I know what you mean by not much horse interaction.

aurora said...

It never ceases to amaze me! I couldn't help but wonder if it was payback for being MIA for so long, but I know it was just a fresh place.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I can't leave stall doors open, because Lostine will go into the other horses' stalls and mark her territory. If I leave her outside while the other horses are locked up in their stalls, she leaves a steaming pile right underneath each of their noses.

Dreaming said...

LOL! That's a horse for you!
I think they feel that if you clean it..they must mess it up. So, clean stall - leave a pile. Clean horse - go out for a roll!