a good stroll, deserves a good roll

We got another ride in this weekend, even tho we had a major downpour again this morning. Wasn't easy to find a dry level spot to warm up in the pasture, so we kept it short and only at a trot. Skipped our typical warmup ride and just headed out. It was simply too muddy. I'm spoiled and usually ride out of the pasture while Brad deals with the gate - but opted instead to walk Koda in hand up the gravel driveway, and hop on him in the grass. Why didn't I think of that before? I'm sure he appreciated it. We still have to cross some gravel on the path, but at least he didn't have to carry me across that part.

We had a nice gentle breeze throughout our entire ride. I love watching Koda's mane flow. Mosquitoes were better. Mr. Fast Forward and I led, so we changed the ride up and did our current path in reverse. I think it's prettier. As we rode up the gentle slope some yellow fall wildfloweryweeds caught my eye.  Gorgeous against the sky backdrop. Didn't even notice them riding the other way yesterday. Sure wish I had a smaller camera, so I could share the view....

Saw a turkey run into the corn to hide, and 3 crane flew up from the field. It was a good stroll. We called it quits when we got back to the pasture, and skipped the highway ride today. The ground is sooo saturated, it would have been really mushy riding along the ditch.

The culvert, which is huge in real life but looks small and closer
when zoomed in from the water logged corner of our pasture.

 View from the road. The white marker is the top of the culvert.
  There was a small stream of water flowing into it today.

The three amigos, glad to be back together again.
(l-r, Koda, Harmony and Nemo)

Every good stroll, deserves a good roll.
Just ask Nemo.


BridgeEtta said...

I concur.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Looks like a nice day, but lots of water! A good roll in the mud makes the trip worthwhile!

Leah Fry said...

Jaz is convinced culvert pipes eat horses. He sees them and wants to turn around and head home.

aurora said...

With all the rain we've have, one would think our horses would be used to the mushy ground. But they usually stay out of that area. Once in a while we find them standing in it. Good for some practice opportunities, but not much else.

Leah, our boys don't seem to care about this culvert - probably because they see it all the time. Good thing too, it's huge and might eat them otherwise. Might help Jaz if he has a steady-eddy buddy show him it's not so bad?

Jeni said...

Look at that mud!!!! We've not had enough rain to even mention in MONTHS! Serious drought here in souther Ohio.

My girls would be a bit suspicious about that culvert! Heck I would be too! I mean all sorts of Horsey eating things could come out of it!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Wow, that's a huge culvert; great for desensitizing, I bet. Looks really wet there. Glad you found an area for a ride.