vet visit

Koda & Nemo surprised us with how well behaved they were during their first vet visit (with us as owners) we had no idea how they would react - they couldn't have behaved better! The boys got their vaccinations updated, and Koda had his wolf teeth removed. We were really happy with Lodi Vets/Madison Equine's service, it was unrushed, good advice and they answered all our questions. Looks like we just need to keep on doing what we've been doing :)

Speaking of what we've been doing, last night was another successful saddling session - we added desensitizing with our son shooting air from his paintball gun nearby, while standing still & lunging in saddle - wasn't very exciting, the horses didn't seem to care. Then we took them hiking while saddled - complete with close-by moving bobcats, trucks, etc. We haven't been hiking on the path since early June (thanks to the bugs) but decided to brave it, other than being aware of their surrounding - all went well.

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