first saddling experience

Last night we clipped bridle paths, and the boys got their first experience with a secure saddle! It was pretty exciting, our boys are growing up! I'm really proud of both of them for taking it all in stride (pun intended).

We only had the saddle on them one short session, unsecured a couple days ago. We also did some work prior to that with just blankets. Interesting that Nemo initially cared more about the blanket pad, than the saddle. Maybe it was the white color, or that it smells like our mare, or just that first feeling of something covering their back (besides dirt). The wool blanket proved to be less scary.
We were suprised how well Nemo handled having a saddle on. Brad pretty much threw the saddles up on them both - and said "walk 'em" lol. He took over from there, it was uneventful even at a trot.
Koda could have cared less, all he wants to do is play with the blankets/saddle. He did however care about the feeling of moving with a cinch on, and did the little pogo stick thing a couple times each direction. Nothing major, barely got off the ground and over as quick as counting - one, two. Not surprised considering his personality, and better than I thought he would do. I'll try to get pictures of them saddled-up soon :)


Once Upon an Equine said...

Congrats. Sounds like it went very well.

Jessie said...

How exciting! Looking forward to photos!

aurora said...

Thanks for sharing in the excitement, you make it twice as fun :)