build-a-barn ~ stalls are up

Earlier this month, I was busy cleaning the endless construction dust in the house and decided to walk over to the barn. I was surprised to find the remaining stalls up, complete with grain doors. Apparently Brad decided not to wait for our sons help, and set the rest of our stalls up himself. Except for the double stall divider, it is super heavy! 

The stalls really change the appearance of the barn!! Our barn is starting to look like a horse barn! 

March 31
Our son came up in the morning to help his dad install the heavy divider. It swings against the back wall, and will be secured. I think it will come in handy, and be put to good use. Harmony & Koda seem to be prone to injuries/bouts of lameness. It could be a roomier daytime option for Nemo, when affected with allergies. Brad also wants to eventually breed Cierra. It could even be used for temporary storage. Lot's of options.

Double stall on the left, with divider.
Looks the same as the other stalls.
The very next day, Brad cut & installed Douglas Fir tongue & grove wooden side panels on the six single stalls. I got to help with the very last top pieces. Now I can say I helped build the stalls :)

April 1

view from the back end of the barn

If you are sick of barn updates, feel free to scroll on by. I want our dream documented. To relive, and better remember what got us to where we are. 

Two weeks later, our barn still looks like the above. It's a long long process when you do the building yourself. Last weekend Brad rode in a Ranch Clinic, and I photographed it (post to come) we had zero time for anything else. I wish we could progress faster, but good things come to those that wait.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the update! It looks beautiful and airy. I'm sure the horses will love their new digs!

Can't wait to hear how Brad did.

Shirley said...

Barn updates are fine with me!
Looking forward to the clinic post, especially after seeing some of your photos on Facebook.

aurora said...

I just finished up all the processing & communication that follows after a daylong photoshoot. Now onto writing about the clinic!!

Linda said...

It’s so beautiful. I could look at it all day. 😍 it’s a dream barn. Please keep updating!!

aurora said...

I will keep updating. Just feeling like my barn posts are endless. On my previous post, you had asked if we had stall turnouts & heating. Somehow I missed your comment & didn't respond until a few days ago. Our stalls are not open to the outside, and our barn is not heated. We believe unheated barns are best for horses. We did however put in-floor heating in the saloon & bathroom.