don't let the sun fool ya

It was nice to see the sun, after such a rainy Christmas. Brad had the day off, so we were able to visit our horses in the daylight. I was really looking forward to seeing them, without the lingering stillness of the dark. 

Temps were in the low 40's (F) I thought we might end up peeling layers off and riding in sweatshirts. Silly me!! It was sooo windy and sooo wet! Someone knew it would be sloppy, and brought snow boots. I was thankful & got to keep my feet dry! 

Brad sledging through the wetness & wind

to bring in Koda & Nemo

We had an uneventful ride, just the kind I like. We haven't been working on anything in particular, just connecting. Our rides have been much shorter with very little loping, if any.

When I only ride once a week, I feel like we are starting at the beginning and it's not fair to ask a lot. I should probably rethink my rides, and get some type of plan of action going. If I am bored, you know Koda is too. 
It's harder to get motivated, when you don't know what conditions you'll be riding in. Guess a person could do two plans of action. One for more space, and the use cones if needed, and a back-up plan that can be done with restricted "shared" space. 

I am going to revisit my post with indoor riding ideas it's got some great links & ideas from readers in the linked comments.

It was surprising to see Koda's breath so visible near the end of our ride. Didn't think we really did that much. Must have been the figure 8 with extended trot on the cross. We did two 'er 16 if you are doing the math. Apparently Koda thought it was more like 64 ;)

horse eating end of the arena
requires listing ears
After our ride, the boys got to munch on yummy flavorful carrots from our garden. I dug the last of them before the ground froze. They last pretty good and taste much better then store bought. Just ask Koda & Nemo & Cierra what they thought of their Christmas carrots!!


C-ingspots said...

Sounds like a good ride to me! I haven't been riding in, well long enough to forget when. Looking forward to some days getting longer so I can get back into it, but with the dark, cold and usually rainy evenings, after doing chores all I want to do is get inside where it's warm. I guess I really am a fair weather rider! Another thing I'm looking forward to is seeing all the progress you guys are going to make on those homestead plans this coming year! It's going to be crazy awesome!! Happy New Year Aurora and Brad and all your critters!!!

aurora said...

I think most of us are fair weather riders, unless it involves ones livelihood. You could always use this non-riding time to plan trail rides in that gorgeous state you live in, or clinics for you & Eagle!

2017 is sure to be a year with a lot of change. Hopefully all good?! No clue how everything that needs to get done will get done...thinking there is going to be a lot of sleepless nights in my future. Some days I wonder what the heck are we getting ourselves into!! I really appreciate your enthusiasm Lorie :) Sharing our pending move with you & others on here makes it all the more special. I know you guys truly get where we are coming from!

Shirley said...

Most of my riding is done at a walk or trot, I rarely lope unless I'm schooling or have a job to do that requires speed.
But since I am retired as of the end of the week, I really want to focus on getting to some Cowboy Dressage lessons or shows s hopefully lots more riding in the next year!
Uneventful rides are the best.....

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm all for uneventful rides, I've had enough over the years to last me for the rest of my riding life. I haven't ridden in forever, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't have the time. Once the holidays are over I'm hoping to get a plan of action and do much more than I have recently.

The coming year should be exciting for you and Brad and everyone involved in helping you realize your dream. Keep us posted. I love your property and can't wait for it to be done for you. Have a wonderful Happy New Year!

aurora said...

Cowboy Dressage has been an interest of mine for a while. I was essentially doing it in lessons at a barn I rode at years ago, before it became a formal discipline. I look forward to reading about your lessons/shows Shirley! Congrats on your retirement, today!!

Thanks Arliene! I love sharing hopes & dreams, and life as we live it. It allows me to relive & record it - which is helpful because I can't always recall it - ha ha!! I always look forward to reading your blog! We live in such different areas, and yet much is the same. I am sure Blue will enjoy helping you with your plan of action, especially if carrots are involved :) Wishing your two & four legged family a Happy & Healthy New Year!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

yay for a nice ride, I am still waiting till spring(ish) to try riding.I want the elbow good and healed ,plus with no indoor ...