working on the land

We've had a busy Fall trying to get things done so we can move forward with our land plans. Building is like a puzzle. You have to have certain pieces in the right order/place, before you can proceed. We finalized our house plans, to work on these things...

trees had to be removed
the house site was cleared
our son & Brad plotted the house
I supervised ;)
after a lot of measuring,
house stake markers are in place
The general building site was also officially surveyed.

soil had to be perk tested
our son smoothed out the building site,
now only key stakes remain

driveway view from the road
before it was put in
the clouds are magnificent
our trucks are parked at the house site
we put in some long days,
it's a labor of love
Brad coordinates the behind the scene needed paperwork. We finalized our barn plans & met several times with the company rep. The goal is to build the shell this winter for storage. Our horses will not move to the land until we do.

Last weekend we rented equipment so the three of us could clean the strip opposite our house site. They clear cut trees before we bought the land, it was a mess. It is an ideal area to run the necessary electrical, and have the box out of view. Brad was in a mini excavator, our son & I each ran a bobcat. I am slowly getting better at running them. At some point we switched, the grappler bucket is harder to coordinate then it looks.

my view from the bobcat
I was happy to have a door between me
and the loads that were dropped into my bucket
my job was hauling to this pile
We are going to have fun with this huge bonfire pile! Everyone who see's it wants to be invited lol. There is so much more work that needs to be done, but for now we are caught up and moving ahead as planned!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great work! Everything looks wonderful. Beautiful skies too. It will be done before you know it. Have fun driving that bobcat.

aurora said...

Thanks Arliene :) everything seems to be going much faster then expected. It's been both fun & rewarding doing the prep work. Our part will slow down in the winter. I find my eyes on the sky a lot. The clouds roll in off the Wisconsin River. They seem closer and more pronounced, then where we live now. The blue sky really highlights them. These photos are all straight off my phone, unedited.

C-ingspots said...

Oh my word, how exciting!! :) And kudos to you for being a heavy equipment operator kinda gal! Did ya ever think?

Oh yes, if I lived closer I'd want to come to that bonfire party too! How fun!

Shirley said...

Progress- how exciting! It's such a lovely piece of land.
I know what you mean about things having to be done in order, that's what is slowing me down on my house renovations, mostly having to wait for others to be available to help.