curious george

Last night we walked into the arena to do our pre-ride check, when I realized I forgot to take Koda's hock boots off. Great. 

It takes two hands to works those bionic velcro things, so I had to set the lunge whip down, and the lead line. Lunge whip falls off the mounting block. Sigh.

After two try's, it can just lay there. It's seen plenty of sand anyways. Horse is trained to ground tie, so at least I'm hands free. 

I peeeel the velcro off the boots...three straps X two boots X stick, stick and stuck over and over again, on every possible surfaces...requires a lot of patience, and a few choice words. 

Finally, the boots are off - victory!

It's just us in the arena, and we only do a few assessment circles before we finish tacking, the boots will be safe on top of the mounting block, right? 

Wrong. As I bend down to pick up the lead line, whoosh, Koda swiftly picks up the hock boots and drops the new boots in the sand. Fantastic.

As I bend down to pick up the hock boots, whoosh, Koda swiftly opens up the top of the mounting block. He sticks his head inside, and stands there. What's a girl to do?

I proceed to laughing and fumbling for my phone. How did he know the mounting block opened?

Maybe I should have named him Curious George.

Curious George aka Koda


The Dancing Donkey said...

You should see what Ramsey would've done to them:)

Your name came up in my fudge contest, get in touch with your address and I will send it out to you. aerissana@gmail.com

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think they notice more than we think they do! Smart pony. This whole experience sounds like a comedy of errors and definitely something that I would do.

Shirley said...

Maybe he suspected that the mounting block is a cookie bin!
I use Professionals Choice boots, and I find that as I peel each strap off, I wrap it back on itself- loop it back and stick it right behind where it's sewn on- then there's no random sticking and it makes them easy to put on next time as all the straps are in place.

aurora said...

I can only imagine what Ramsey would have done. Nemo shakes stuff he picks up, Koda typically just relocates. Lucky me, I sent you an email Kris!

Yes Arlene, it was a comedy of errors! Just one of those days. We use the Professional Choice boots too Shirley those straps get restuck, but not as bad since they are a lot shorter. The hock boots have long straps, one has to be fed through a loop. Thank goodness Koda is very patient while I'm fumbling with them. He gets to lounge longer :))

C-ingspots said...

I love horses that show lots of character. They're both so cute! Always makes me feel better to know that others' have those kind of days too. :)
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate them. Thanks for sharing the meaning of Catori's name. Her father is Hispanic, so I just assumed that's where her name came from. Spirit is a good meaning, sweet little thing's gonna need it.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

What a ham! I could so see that happening here