winter year end update

Hello, hellooo, hellooo...the lack of presence on my blog this past quarter was not intentional nor for any particular reason. It just happened. Before we close out the year, here is a winter (less) update...with mostly iphone pics. The boys are usually back inside by the time we get to the barn, and it's just too dark inside to use my good camera without a flash (won't use one with horses). Besides the lack of snow, here is what's been happening lately:

At the end of November, Koda was cleared to ride. We began slower then recommended and increased to 15-20 minutes of walking. I've just begun to add in brief trotting this past week. I'm happy to say I've been the only one riding him, and more so that he has been a really good boy throughout the process! I'm sure his testy Appy-tude will surface as more is asked of him, if so it's then that I'll seek help. We have a long long way to go during the healing process, but we are off to a good start.

My favorite view, even if just surrounded by sand

Koda is not cleared to go back in the big pasture with Nemo & Cierra (too many shenanigans) and instead hangs out during the day with a middle aged mare friend named Liz, in a smaller more level pasture. There is a small section of shared fencing between the two pastures, and our horses can see each other. We are fortunate our trainer & the two gals that work for her are so caring.

Nemo in far left pasture, Koda in right
Our panel paddock is still up inside the pasture, just incase.

Brad alternates between riding Nemo, and riding Cierra while working towards his goal of showing her in Ranch Classes. Here she is during a quick "stretch your legs" turnout in the indoor on Nemo's riding day (excuse the too big borrowed halter). 

Cierra, stretching her legs

Nemo & Brad
with Belle kitty, she was hoping to ride

It's been really quiet riding at our barn so far this winter. Most days it's us, and this spotted guy. He greets us and always makes us smile.

Happy loves to greet our truck,
 if only he could fit through the cat door!

Playing ball with Brad
Happy loves him best, second only to his owner

Speaking of happy, not only am I happy to be back in the saddle with my boy - I am actually using my new saddle! Nothing like waiting over a year for something special to arrive, and then not being able to use it for endless months... 

However it was worth the wait, absolutely love it! The roomier seat (per their recommendation) was an adjustment, but feels right now. I sit centered, and my legs hang in the right place. Of course I haven't loped in it yet, that's the real test. I may not be doing as much of that anyways. My sore left foot (yes, I match my horse) mentioned in my last blog update, turned out to be a ruptured tendon across the bottom of my arch and a split tendon up the side of my ankle. No more impact activities for me :( I have to be careful with any activity in general. It's life altering, but I'll get used to it. Don't have much choice. Surgery is not recommended. We all have our less then desirable things to deal with, as aging reveals. A saddle that fits right is even more important now. Thank goodness I have a forever one now! There are a few more saddle pics on my photo website if you are interested. 

If your eyelids haven't closed and you are still reading along, thank you so much for being part of this blog. Wishing all my blogger friends a wonderful end to the year and an even better beginning to a New Year. Best wishes for Good Health and Happy Trails in the year to come!!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's so good to hear the Koda is cleared for some riding. I'm sure he's happy to get out with you and is planning on being a good boy no matter what you ask of him. Love your new saddle. Sorry to hear about your foot that sounds painful.

Cierra and Nemo look good too. Happy the dog looks like a sweetheart and I love the picture of him looking out the cat door. Adorable!

Hope your New Year is filled with Health, Happiness and lots of good rides.

I'm hoping for the same with Blue. Since Dusty passed away in November I haven't been riding much but plan on doing more as soon as the holidays are over.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I am glad you are back in the saddle (and such a beautiful saddle at that!). I hope that 2016 brings you more riding time and continued healing for both of you.

aurora said...

Arlyne I had no idea Dusty passed away. I am glad you told me. I went over to your blog & left you some messages, after I dried my eyes. Dusty will never be replaced, but I've no doubt you will find enjoyment riding with Blue.

Thanks so much Kris. I'm hopeful. We are taking it one ride at a time, and making adjustments as needed.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. Like you and Koda Blue and I are taking things one day at a time. Thanks again.

C-ingspots said...

So very good to hear from you...and so happy to hear Koda is doing well! Awesome news that the two of you are riding together again. :)
Sorry about your foot, but you're right, aging just isn't for the faint of heart. Like I always say, things could be worse! Just take the time to let your foot heal before you push it at all.
Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I always appreciate your comments so much! Missed you, but I know how that goes. Life gets busy. Glad you had a happy Christmas, and enjoyed the important, simple little things. Still hoping for that change in my family, but don't hold out much hope. Me and the hubs though, shared a wonderful Christmas eve at home, had dear friends share dinner with us and slept in Christmas day. Hoping we all learn gratitude and being content in the coming new year. And enjoy good health - 2 legs and 4 legs!!

C-ingspots said...

Oh my gosh, almost forgot...I LOVE your new saddle!!! And I must admit, I am totally jealous! :)

aurora said...

It's good to be back Lorie. I'm still trying to catch up. So much happened while I was on my unintentional blogcation. I'm still trying to figure my foot thing out, it's complicated and isn't going to go away. Definitely put a damper on my lifestyle. In a nut shell, I'm still trying to work on everything that is important to me. Aren't we all. Our Christmas was different yet again this year too, families, sigh. Onto bigger & brighter things, there is a new year upon us!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Wonderful news that Koda is back in action! Glad to see you back blogging too! I have been hit and miss with the blogs of late too, but I miss them and when I do sit down to read them ,I feel like I have rejoined old well loved friends

aurora said...

I know that feeling all too well Sherry!!

Shirley said...

Glad to hear that your boy is back to riding soundness. Cierra looks fabulous!