WI Trail Survey

Just a shout out and effort to help spread the word to those of you who use the trails in Wisconsin. The WI DNR is doing a short trail survey. It's a good chance for horseback riders (and other trail users) to speak up!

Kickapoo Valley Reserve
Fall 2014

Click here for information on the trail survey and council. The actual survey link is below. I am not big on survey's (because they are often overused) but this one is easy to take. More importantly, it's an opportunity to voice your opinion on a subject that affects you and your horse. 

Let them know we as horseback riders exist, and that we care about the trails we ride. What type is preferred, and if maintenance, expansion or new trail creation is desired.

"In an effort to gather up-to-date information about the state of our trails, how they are used, what can be done to make them safer and more accessible, the council has created a nonmotorized trail use in Wisconsin survey [exit DNR]Please take a few moments to fill out the survey and share the link with fellow trail enthusiasts."

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