which one makes you happy?

One of the things we enjoy when we go out to the barn is the resident dalmatian, Happy. We've watched him grow up from a wee pup, and are fond of him. At first I found his name a bit silly, it reminded me of a clown. But now I can't imagine this dog being named anything else. He is always happy. It's a perfect name for him. 

When we arrive on the farm, our buddy comes running and greets us at Brad's truck door and then wags his way on over to my side. When his owner needs to be away, she entrusts us to help let him out. He recently turned one and can get into a bit of mischief. Happy still needs someone to keep an eye on him when he is a free bird. We love it when he hangs around with us! It makes us long for the day, when we will have our own land, and can enjoy these simple things in life more often...

We turned our horses back out, after enjoying an indoor ride. I had my camera in tow, in attempt to capture some pasture action. I was so glad I turned around and caught Happy playing in the arena puddle that was leftover from evening storms. It all happened so fast! I was giddy with suspense, wondering how these photos would turn out. I've learned not to get too excited, and fully trust camera viewfinders. The computer reveals all. 

But now I have another problem, which one (s) are the keepers? I have a terrible time deciding, and look for any one little thing to sway me one way or the other. It's not that my photos are all that great, it's just so hard to hit delete - and yet who needs sooo many similar looking photos? If you take a lot of photos, you know exactly what I mean. In this digital age, they pile up quickly. I've been reading up on other's photo sorting/cataloging methods, to see if I can glean some tips - but alas, when choosing among a similar group of photos I remain wishy-washy. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r for me to decide. I probably keep more then I should. However as my collection continues to grow (and grow) I am getting better at sorting, out of necessity. I think I know which photos of Happy I will keep, but just curious...

Which one of these photos makes you happy, and if you care to share, what made you choose it over the others? 

Here are the best of the bunch, in no particular order:







I'm going to let Happy's owner pick whichever ones she likes too. It's the least I can do for letting me take photos of all the critters on her farm. I will post back in the comments which photo's I think make me happy, and why I am keeping them vs the others. Cuz I'm Happyyyyy (sing along)...


Anonymous said...

He's a handsome dog!
I'd go for #3, not because the dogs looks particularly different or extra cute and appealing, but because I like the angle its shot at and I like the full reflection in the water.

C-ingspots said...

They're all good, and he really is a fine looking dog! I like #4 the best because it shows his facial expression well, and I like the reflection. Then, #6 because it's a closer shot and I like the water action you caught.

Shirley said...

1,3 and 6. 3 because of the reflection, it's better than 4 because of the position of his legs makes it a more balanced photo. 1 because it's a nice close up showing all his face and 6 because it is closer and the red collar helps frame the photo.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I like them all. How do they keep him so clean on a farm?

My favorites are #3 because it shows him and all his lovely spots and the reflection in the water is a very nice compliment to the whole picture. I also like six for the close up and expression on his face. It's hard to pick the best, I always keep more than I should too.

fernvalley01 said...

#3 I lust like it , he is nicely in the frame and the colors pop

aurora said...

My favorite photo is #2, because Happy is looking at me. He wasn't sure if he was in trouble or not, so he's a bit sulky. I think #3 is the best photo overall. I also have to keep the close-up (#6) where he is slurping water. However, I think his owner will pick #4, where you can see more of his face then in #3. Maybe I'll just keep them all lol?!!?

Thanks for the input everyone, it was fun to read all the different viewpoints!!