horsey tidbits

I have not frozen into a snowbank, altho I have enjoyed more family time playing in the snowy North Woods since our last tripMy horse update is limited at best, sad but true. Here are a few horsey tidbits from the past week (ish):

• Koda & Nemo both needed teeth floated, shots & cogging done. Check. A big check. What I really meant is, it's done!

• Poor Nemo had to be flushed again...you can read about his rare Calcium condition (guess it doesn't have a name?) here. It is concerning, to say the least...

• I received sad news the great Hollywood Jill (aka Pistol) was laid to rest. She was Koda's dam & Nemo's grand-dam. A special Appaloosa, with a long list of accomplishments - none more important then being someone's heart horse. Thoughts go out to our friend Diane.

Pistol (L) Koda (R)
June 2010

• Not much riding happening here. We really need to focus on finding some land, so we can have our horses at home... 

The last time we did ride, hubby did not rake the arena. Interestingly enough, the service door wasn't scary anymore. It's something about the light/air peeking under the door on the flattened sand.

• Wisconsin is still a frigid tundra. Surprise, surprise.

Nemo (L) making friends in the frozen pasture
December 2013

• Midwest Horse Fair is getting closer, 38 days away! Check out the presenters here (Ken McNabb is coming back!). Hopefully we won't still be wearing winter boots in April!! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I read Nemo's story from the link. I've never heard of this before. Glad there is a treatment to make him feel better.

So sad about Pistol. She did have a beautiful baby for you.

Haven't been riding either. Doesn't matter that the horses are home it's just too cold to do anything with them. Spring should be here soon...I'm hoping!

aurora said...

Thanks Grey Horse. We worry about Nemo there is no cure, only treatments which all come with risks...