Miss Congeniality

....and the award goes to....MJK Dudes Dream Girl (aka Cierra)!! While she didn't win any physical awards, she won Miss Congeniality in the eye's of the observant.

Cierra went to her first big show, a combined SWBA/ABRA Approved & Palomino Show last weekend! Our trainer took a handful of competitor's and their mounts, and a couple of young horses for exposure. Cierra was there for four days, and appeared to love every aspect of being at a show. She was happy in her stall, content and interested in everything, and well behaved around the show grounds & arena's. People noticed, and even stopped to comment on her demeanor.

Not only did she walk around taking in the show atmosphere, practice in the warm up pen, she also rode in the show ring during open practice several times. Our trainer has never ridden a young horse on a first visit in the show ring, and said it was not the norm. It may sound concerning, but it wasn't. Apparently she was ready. Cierra walked in the show ring, and didn't take one step out of place.

We did take her to a Futurity Show, a brief trailer in/out one weanling class with her breeder, right before we bought her. So technically Cierra had been to a show, but completely different circumstances. 

Of course I brought my camera, and this is what I saw in the warm up ring...

Cierra & Trainer Patty

...and in the open practice show ring...

Cierra & Apprentice Sammy taking a break in the center

Hay, those are my humans!

Riding around like a big girl

Exiting among a sea of Palomino's

...my hubby's girl is growing up, and winning over hearts ~ one dream at a time.

Miss Congeniality


Kristen said...

Awww! I love it :) Great photos, and I think I might have to borrow the title for my little mare who jsut went to her first "show" as a newbie with all the seasoned horses. We just schooled while we were there, but she was a crowd favorite with her long mane and sweet personality.

C-ingspots said...

How wonderful is that? She is growing into a beautiful horse and I can see why you're so proud of her. Love the photos with Sammi aboard - just look how content and relaxed she looks. Very nice...

aurora said...

Welcome to my blog Kristen! If the title fits, feel free to borrow it. I will look forward to reading about your mare.

Lorie, we were all amazed at how much Cierra really did like being at the show.

Shirley said...

She sure is growing up! And a beauty too, but then she always was. I hope you have plans to show her, looks like she will enjoy it.

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley! Nice to see you back in blogger-land. Plans are to show Cierra next year.