different summer

This has been a different summer for us, we have not been able to make it back out on the trail since our trip up north in June. Weeks flew past and we were unable to even find a window of time to visit our horses, let alone ride. Resulting in a lack of horse posts.

After our June trip, we decided to board Koda & Nemo at our trainers until we can figure out a new/modified living situation closer to home. Cierra remains in training, so our three horses spend their days turned out together, and evenings stalled next to each other. Altho we really miss having them at the home family farm, they are happy & relaxed and enjoying a regular routine.

Cierra, Koda, Nemo (L-R)
Our lives slowed down around the fourth of July, and we finally rode not once but twice that holiday weekend!! 
Brad & Nemo

We have since enjoyed weekly Sunday rides in the large outdoor arena. Just me & Koda, and Brad & Nemo ~ it's been absolutely wonderful!!
Riding Koda


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's hard to fit the horses in. I find if we have visitors here, it's very hard to make time for the horses without shortchanging my guests.
It's great when you finally get back on board though!

Wolfie said...

In my opinion, when there is a gap in between rides, it makes the rides so much more delightful and appreciated. Glad that your horse time was wonderful.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Life does get in the way of our horse time here too, finally went on that clinic, more just to spend time with a horse than anything else