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Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. All you neigh-sayers, are missing the point if you think it's a "Hallmark Holiday" it's only that, which you make of it. I chose to make Valentine's Day a holiday full of that which I love! It is not only about significant others, altho I do love mine more then anything! It's about everything, and anything, that you love. Enjoy and recognize the feeling in a meaningful way, even if in remembrance. Do something you love. It doesn't have to be celebrated on "the day".

Did you know love is recognized & celebrated all over the world (if you click, scroll down on the wiki)? I am going to celebrate with the one I love, enjoying things we love, in a place we love. What are you doing to celebrate love this year??

"You Melt my Heart" My handmade Valentines Card for you

  Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day, full of whatever you love!

If you still wish this holiday would just go away, then enjoy this lighthearted horse poem - after all, this is an equine blog. You are gonna love it, or at least it will make you smile :)

The Horse Ride


Taking a romantic ride today,
We sat upon the wagon.
Suddenly the horse lifted his tail
And we heard a roaring dragon!

The deafening sound hurt my ears
And the smell burned the hairs in my nose.
My girlfriend sat and glared at me.
Somehow my fault I suppose.

It was my idea to take the ride,
But how was I to know?
It really wasn’t in my plans;
Didn’t know the horse would blow.

The noise and the smell were bad enough,
As the wind blew quickly by.
But I think the very worst of it,
Was the brown stuff in my eye.

My girlfriend’s face turned angry red.
So I figured I wouldn’t dare,
Advise her of the smelly pieces
Of horse stuff in her hair.

The horse finally stopped; my girl ran away,
Stubbornly lifting her chin.
I think that horse was enjoying himself,
Cause I’m sure I saw him grin.

A lesson learned for me today.
Although I must confess,
I laughed so hard I nearly cried
As I wiped away the mess.

Source: The Horse Ride, Humorous Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-horse-ride#ixzz2KmQMMSdQ www.FamilyFriendPoems.com


Martine said...

LOVE the poem - hilarious!

C-ingspots said...

Oh, I love that poem. So cute!! Kind of reminded me of that Budweiser commercial where the gal and guy are in the carriage and the horse blows. You gave me a good laugh this morning. I enjoy Valentine's Day, but don't get overly excited about it, I guess. I used to though, and if my honey didn't get all lovey-dovey and give me special love items, I'd get down. Not anymore, I actually prefer the spontaneous gift, or action showing love because they want to, not because the calender says you're supposed to. But, I sure wouldn't turn down one of those chocolate diamond rings!!! Have you seen those things? They're gorgeous!! :)
However you decide to spend it, hope it's a memorable time spent with your loved one.

Susan said...

Showing love is never bad, it's when something becomes an obligation or you get the guilt trip thing going that I have a problem with.

aurora said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the silly poem. I have not seen the chocolate diamond rings. I agree, anything done out of obligation is less then fun. Spontaneous is great, for us specific dates just help guide so things actually happen. We don't do the token flowers, or jewelry type things. Instead we make Valentine's Day an opportunity to spend time together, doing things we love. I always do a little something special for those close to us as well, including our pets, I love them all!!

Dreaming said...

The poem is priceless! I loved it and grinned while reading it.. and will enjoy more grins from it today!