Sunday Stills ~ Animals in Black & White

Meet our four legged family that currently live with us at home, we have two horses (affectionately know as our girls) that are away being boarded/at the trainers...

who was not amused that I was once again trying to take his picture

used to run like the truck, now on three legs from osteosarcoma
we cherish the joy he still shows, as we try to do right for our sweet boy
protector of the driveway - a job he takes seriously
adopted from the same litter as Mack, they have never been apart

my husbands heart horse, and caretaker of us all
brother to Koda, born one day apart

my first horse, who melts my heart and yet challenges me
I am thankful he is in my life, every day

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The Dancing Donkey said...

That picture of Koda is stunning, well done! I am sorry to hear about Mack, I lost a wonderful lab to that many years ago. He was cheerful and happy though right up to the last day.

It may sound crazy at the moment, but you might think about getting a puppy. I brought Tanner home as an eight week old pup. I had worried that my old dog would be upset, and he was - for about two days, Then he loved Tanner and took great joy in having him near. It helped all of us greatly. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Your animals are all beautiful. Well done. :)

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Very nice!

Lori Skoog said...

I love your family of animals. Great shots.

Martine said...

great shots...I love the one of Sydney looking unimpressed!

Sorry to hear about Mack, I too lost a dog to osteosarcoma, about eight years ago now. She told me when she had had enough. You'll know.

Ed said...

Great shots, love the expression of the annoyed Sydney..:-)

aurora said...

Thank you all for the nice comments!

I look forward to enjoying your animal shots soon. I'm a big fan of animals, and B&W photos. Love how they evoke emotion.

Shirley said...

The first and last are my faves. Two mares at the trainers? Cierra and...? Who am I missing here?
I love that your husband has a heart horse. I wish I could get Ted riding more.

aurora said...

Harmony, she is boarded at stables where our daughter can ride her indoors (or outdoors) in nice riding arena's. I haven't seen her/posted about her in a while, and as you know, Cierra just left for the trainers.

One of these days I will update my site...

Anonymous said...

The pic of Koda is stunning, someone else hav posted a same pic but white horse. i know if some pet gets in to our heart.
Loved the 1st shot too....smat cat.

lisa said...

I love that last picture!

Firas said...

Amazing and classy shots!