yellowstone in the fall

After a looong week of work, and attending/photographing a couple of our son’s footballs games, I was thrilled when the stars aligned and we were able to head out on the trail to Yellowstone! We had ridden this remote slice of paradise for the first time early September, when we were still experiencing summer, and were lost more then we were found. It takes a good hour and a half on the road to get to Yellowstone, but it’s ohhh so worth it.

We really needed to put some hours on the boys before our upcoming trip up north, and this proved to be the perfect place. It was the first weekend in October, peak color season in WI, when we arrived to once again find only one trailer. We tacked up, hit the trail, and were quickly awestruck by the serene landscape, this time painted in green, orange, yellow and red...

heading out

...the colors were the most vibrant, inside the woods...

the woods were alive with color

...Koda had his walk on much of this ride. We forged ahead, up and around the bends. I don't know if he knew the bridge was coming up or not, but I did. I thought to myself, this is it...and without hesitation we crossing first! I am so proud of Koda, not a big deal, but it was to us/me. I love that bridge area, it's in a big valley and it's so pretty. We took many pictures, here are a few of my fav's...

view from a mohawk

riding through the tall grass

koda (k) color

crossing the bridge (helmet off for photo opp)

...and then, my hubby captured my comical horse scratching on his spur...

apparently Koda's gotta an itch

hubby said "um, that's my spur"

...seriously Koda, it's a good thing we love you! After riding a new looong trail, we headed back towards the trailer...

sunny prairie ride

even the grasses were colorful

...we soaked up the many bright colors...

Koda taking in the Fall colors

...tired, happy & fulfilled, we took the winding paths back towards the trail head...

heading back to the trailer

...we rode a good 3.5 - 4 hours. We never saw a soul. The trailer we found upon arrival had been replaced by another, the same one from our September ride. I wonder who they are, and if they recognized our trailer too? It blows my mind, this area is so underused – and yet, that is part of what makes Yellowstone so special.  Being alone in a beautiful wildlife area, surrounded by nature, highlighted in color, on my own horse, with my hubby & Nemo...it was a much needed slice of heaven – at one point in this ride, it brought tears of appreciation to my eyes...it was that peaceful.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Beautiful! I cannot imagine why more folks don't use it

Shirley said...

Beautiful place to ride, and what a perfect day.

C-ingspots said...

Nice!!! You're right about those colors - thanks for sharing...made me sigh with appreciation a couple of times. :) I didn't realize your hubby's horse was an Appy, I love those spots you know? Cannot wait until I'm comfortable enough on Eagle to take in the peace and enjoyment of a nice, long trail ride once again. It's been far, far too long! Your beautiful, open prairies are something we just don't have around here. We have pretty much all forests, so it's nice to see different country for a change. So beautiful!! We've been raining for over a week now, guess our tiny Indian summers' gone. :(

aurora said...

Thanks for enjoying the ride with me!

C-ing, actually both Koda & Nemo are Appy's. My horse wasn't blessed with spots (which I love too) but that's okay, he wouldn't be mine if he did (long story).