Sunday Stills ~ Reflections

Reflections are one of my favorite things to shoot, typically on water. I find both very soothing. In an effort to expand my horizon's, I tried to capture the reflection off the fascinating eye of an equine - and quickly discovered, they don't like camera's pointing at their eye!

Our boys are off at training, Harmony didn't want anything to do with a camera toting me that day, so that left Cierra. She did a good job of ducking away, every time I got things lined up. I wonder if the camera lens created it's own reflection (no flash used) as soon as I saw one in her eye? I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and gave up shortly after. However, I did manage to capture the treeline/sky/farmhouse.


I resorted back to a place where I do a lot of reflection of my own, our pond. It's one of my favorite places, to just sit and think. It's overcast, muggy, and kinda gloomy today - a good day to reflect...




Janice said...

Nice job...of course the first one is my fav.

Shirley said...

Really nice, you did a great job on the eye, and I like the moodiness in the other two.

aurora said...

Thanks Janice & Shirley! I've been MIA, with no time to reflect - it was nice to come back to this post.