Sunday Stills ~ A Part of a Whole

Our beautiful early Spring weather inspired me to head out to a marsh...where I captured as much of a whole as I could, and got as close as possible to part of the marsh (without getting wet). Wish I could add the peaceful sound!

Cherokee Marsh

part of the marsh


Shirley said...

Very nice- bet you have red winged blackbirds there, I love their sound.

Far Side of Fifty said...

It looks like Spring there! I love when our area marshes come alive in the spring:)

Crystal said...

I like the part whole, the reflection of the tree is really neat

Corinna said...

that second photo is beautiful! Shows "the whole" cycle of nature- winter branches, but spring water and with the time change, the light is befitting for spring!

Ebie said...

Perfect weather and beautiful skies, and you captured a great reflection!