trying new things

I'm pretty jazzed up with all the new things to try this week! It started with the arrival of another long awaited saddle to try, a reiner that has been customized. I like 90% of this saddle, fit's Koda well and is comfortable to ride in. I just need to decide if I can get used to a different cantle that is lower then I prefer/am used to. There is some other stuff I would change, but all minor.

We had a good Monday morning Labor Day ride, where I got to try the saddle at leisure. The arena's at Iron Horse had been watered, outside by Mother Nature and inside by hose - so we rode in the pasture. Pasture riding is much different then soft level arena sand, made for a pretty good test. I was happy with our ride, especially towards the end when it was just Koda & I.

Two rides, two days in a row, that's new for this year. Tuesday night was gorgeous weather. We tried new trail stuff that included a bucket of rocks, mailbox, slicker etc. I got thumbs up from our saddle fitter & trainer, who saw me ride in the saddle for the first time.

I'll be testing the saddle again, when we Ride for the Mustangs ~ and try even more new things!


Shirley said...

That looks like a comfortable saddle. I like reining saddles, they put you in close contact with your horse. What brand is this one?
you were asking about Rio; we decided to take him off the market for now, as Ted has fallen in love with him. We'll see how that works out after he has to pay for his hay all winter.... I guess he would still be for sale, but it would have to be an offer we couldn't refuse, and a good home.

aurora said...

This saddle is made by Billy Cook. My leg contact is one of the things I like best about it.

That's great about Rio, couldn't help but wonder. I really liked him, he's a keeper.

Dreaming said...

The saddle looks beautiful. I can imagine that riding a saddle with a lower cantle would feel very strange at first. I think key is how it fits the horse and then how it fits you.

fernvalley01 said...

LOoks like a nice saddle , and a good fit for both of you ? Yay!

Jeni said...

Oh you have been having horsy fun! I was hoping you guys were. That saddle is very pretty!

Modern Knight said...

I once seen a German leather dressage saddle at WelcomeGet . Com. Not sure if it fits a cob.