back to paradise

We had an emotional start to summer, a simple "are we going to see you guys?" text from our friends was the catalyst to our annual summer trip to Colorado. We started traveling there many years ago for kids hockey, which evolved to traveling there for friendship - and the much needed respite back to paradise. To quote a friend "If you don't believe in god, you haven't seen Colorado in the summertime"...the best way to experience it is on horseback.

Heading up the mountain with Kym (on Clint), Brad (on Cash) and I'm riding Dobie.

Brad & I giving the horses a break

Riding through Bear Hollow is surreal, and smells soo good!
No sheep this year, so it remained lush.

Kym taking Daisy on her first ride on the mountain, she did great!

Brad & Cash playin' around

What goes up, must come down
It is fun to ride different horses, I don't get to very often. Both Brad & I enjoyed riding one our ranch favorites, a Hafie named Diesel - who is appropriately named. Every time we visit the ranch they have more Haflingers. No surprise, they do so great on the mountain trails.

Brad & Diesel
These pics were all taken while riding at our friends ranch, called Vail Stables. I went to grab the link, and just discovered WE are on their website riding through Bear Hollow lol!! wait I also found us here bad picture of me, but look at those flowers! What the heck, we are on this page too! I am sure the photos frequently get changed up, but that was a fun surprise. We didn't do the Elk Springs ride this year, it's also gorgeous and has the coldest spring water you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting!  Take the time to mountain ride if ever in the area, you won't be disappointed. We've ridden some of the other ranches, and while all are pretty and have there own unique flair, Vail Stables view's are second to none - and I'm not just saying that because they are our friends. It's true.

On our last day, we hit the trail shortly after Derek arrived from Arkansas. We tested his horse skills and Cynthia showed us a few trail games she plays with the horse camp kids...that was a fun ride!

Heading up the mountain with Cynthia, Brad and Derek

Our vacation was shorter this year, one week passed so quickly. We are so glad we decided to stay an extra day for the http://www.lanefrostchallenge.com/ in Eagle, Co. Watching it open air with the mountains in the background, together with friends, was a highlight! We cherish our Colorado memories, and look forward to our next trip back to paradise...

Mid-mountain ride, looking East


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Looks like a wonderful time

50+ Horses said...

Gorgeous pictures!