dream comes true

When I saw my daughters wedding wish board included a photo of a couple riding on a carriage, I knew exactly who to call - Wes Licht from Rockin L Acres. I have such fond memories of my driving lesson years ago, he was a great teacher. Altho Wes had an annual horse show that same day, he still managed to get his horses, carriage and all that tack ready and to the church. Horses have been in my daughters life off and on for many years, including ownership. I was so happy to be able to have horses included on her special day!

Just Married

Beautiful driving pair of Morgans.
The horse I drove, Lena, is on the right.

Having fun

Wes drove the newlyweds to the village park for photos, and gave other rides. Hubby and I took a ride too! It was so fun!! I couldn't believe it when we came upon a Belgian pulling a wagon type carriage for another wedding, in our small town park. Can't wait to see the professional photographers photos!

One wedding wish board + two years of planning = dream comes true.


Shirley said...

Look at all those big smiles! What a great way to include horses in a wedding.

juliette said...

So beautiful!!!! Congratulations - and so happy horses could be part of the perfect day.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow, what a perfect thing to do! I'm glad you got to go for a ride too.

Jeni said...

Perfect !!!! You're daughter looks so happy =)

aurora said...

Thanks! I just love Wes's turn of the century carriage, it feels like you are floating.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh how beautiful! What a special wish to come true on a special day. Congratulations to all of you.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Beautiful! We had a team at our wedding , and rode in the democrat that my dad owns , and once ran over me ! (many years before with a different team ) I like the wedding memory much better!
Congrats to all on a beautiful wedding and Best wishes for a wonderful marriage for the happy couple