Sunday Stills ~ Looking High, Looking Low

The object of this challenge is to either get low and shoot up at an object, or get directly over an object and shoot down.

I find myself doing this a lot, and submitted high/low shots from recent excursions - some more directly angled then others.

devils lake
Devils Lake

mossy flower
Mossy Flowers (Devils Lake)

devils lake valley
Valley View (Devils Lake)

window looking up
Skylight Window

Bear Thoughts

top o' the lantern
Lantern Top

light pole
Light Pole (unedited)

Look high & low for other's Sunday Stills


Devin Greaney said...

the light pole is my favorite.. seeing things taken over by the elelments!1

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I like the flower best. I get the sense that some rocks had to be climbed in order to reach it. I like the backdrop.

Shirley said...

Nice scenery, but the lantern shot is my favorite. The Moss flower is so delicate and pretty.

MTWaggin said...

Light pole is very cool!

Photos by Stan said...

Quite an eclectic taste -- well done.

Michelle said...

Great job! My favorites are the flower and the bear. What a cool perspective!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I like the lantern shot.


Ed said...

Great shots, my fave is the mossy flower..:-)

Anonymous said...

Nice job, I'm particial to the lamp post. :)

Tami Weingartner said...

The Mossy flower is a beautiful shot!