this explains a lot

Brad 2 yrs old on Queenie

My husband isn't going to be very happy that I shared this, but it's too cute not to, and explains a lot. The photo came from a tiny album his dear "Farm Grandma", as she was lovingly referred to, kept of him. Doesn't surprise me, they were very close. Later on as a young adult, he kept his horses at her farm. Guess he was a natural, even at a young age.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh my word..does he ever look pleased as punch, to be laying on that furry black and white(and warm) couch!

LOVE this!!!!

fernvalley01 said...

WHat a wonderful picture!

Leah Fry said...

I hope he appreciates how privileged he was in so many ways.

Jeni said...

AWESOME picture Aurora!! I'd frame that and !


aurora said...

My Mother-in-law showed me the album last week, I borrowed it to scan (he hee). I vaguely remember Grandma showing it to me, some time after she spilled "the beans" that he had owned horses (said with that smile of hers).

Leah, I do think he knows he was fortunate to grow up on a farm - but I know what you mean, us city girls only wish we had grown up on one.

Kacy, I know can you believe that honest smile?! Little kids tell all.

The other part of "this explains a lot" are those 'lil cowboy boots. He still lives in boots (not typical daily wear in WI)!

Dreaming said...

Oh my, he is almost doing the splits to stay on that wide back!