I'm not only learning about being a horse owner of two young horses, I'm learning about blogging about horses - oye de mi! Both are definitely a work in progress.

We have three horses in our family - Koda, Nemo and Harmony. We see the boys daily, and take care of them ourselves - something I would never venture to do without my horse savvy husband. For now, Harmony is boarded where our daughter can hopefully achieve her goals and rides with her 4H friends - unfortunately I don't get to see Harmony much. I'll try to post pictures soon.


Deb Soderbeck said...

awesome blog i am so proud of u for taking the step. i really look forward to reading your blog.

aurora said...

Hey girl - it's great to hear from you! Thanks for finding me. I saw I had my first follower - somehow I knew it would be you :) Don't know what I'm going to say, or what I have to offer - except for a heartfelt love of horses.

Deb Soderbeck said...

u r doing a great job already, all we can do is speak from the heart.