we lucked out

We had so much fun at Spur of the Moment Ranch in June, we wanted to try a Fall trip. We booked shortly after, but already there were no cabin openings until the end of October. Our weather is frequently nasty by then, we decided to take a chance regardless. It's been a slow Fall this year. We lucked out, and got gorgeous weather!!

It was dusk when we arrived. Both the boys unloaded, and were happy to go to their paddocks. I was proud of Koda. He walked inches from the giant horse eating boulder, without a second glance, to get to his paddock. I think our horses recognized the place. Is that possible? It quickly became obvious they have grown up some since our last visit.

We unloaded our stuff, fed the boys and went to grab a quick bite to eat. My hubby was resourceful, when we returned he used our receipts as a fire starter. Needless to say we started a "what to bring next time" list. It was sooo nice to relax and enjoy a camp fire, with Koda and Nemo nearby. Listening to them munch, and the occasional knicker. There wasn't anyone else camping, it was so serene.

The following morning while we waited for the sun to melt the frosty dew, I took photos at the ranch for the Sunday Stills challenge.

We headed south for our first morning ride. Koda & Nemo were very apprehensive. As we approached the multi-use trail, they both stopped. Nemo listened to his cues and continued forward, and Koda...backed. Not how I wanted to start out, it instantly changed my focus. He turned around after one ask, and headed forward onto the path. 

Backing and not listening on the trail has been an issue for us in the past. It's tough to block out. I thought hard about Trainer Patty's suggestions "Catch it before it happens". Easier said then done. "Don't pull back, they just back more. You have to have forward movement. Use the additional encouragement of a rein on his butt (if needed) make sure I have a hold of him, and heading in the right direction". My biggest problem is getting him to stop backing. Much of the multi use trail we travel has steep drop-offs on both sides. We spend a lot of time in the middle of the trail, just incase. Too bad, the ground is softer on the edges. Thankfully Koda only backed up a few more times on our first ride, upon approaching whatever he would rather not do. I got better at catching/correcting it. Let's just say I am still working on putting this all together. The rest of the ride(s) were pure bliss.

Multi-use Trail

We kicked up a large Grouse, but never saw any deer.  A couple campers settled into the ranch on our second night. The following day, we passed them while heading out on the trail. We rarely saw anyone, it was much quieter then June.

Colorful Water View

Backwood Trails

We stopped to chat with a local couple walking the multiuse path. They suggested a path that has since become one of our favorites. It's so pretty, with varied terrain. It made our boys think about where they are putting their feet. We walked over, under, and around trees. It was windy, with some hill to it. We maneuver between/around several huge horse swallowing black mud puddles. We rode this trail two different days, and didn't see a soul - other then a flock of large turkey's scurring across the trail.

A Favorite Trail

Koda & Nemo seem to like the ranch, and all the unusual sounds and smells it brings. Not to mention the catered peaceful meals.


We ate at another favorite restaurant, Maiden Lake Supper Club. It was all decked out in Halloween decorations. There was nothing spooky about the food. I had mouth watering hand breaded walleye and scallops ~ mmmm! While we went out, we had someone watching over our boys...

Cabin Angel

We absolutely love the area, and look forward to future trips!


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Sounds like a very peaceful trip. So glad you had a great time camping with the horses.

aurora said...

Thanks Connie! This was our second overnight trip ever. I've waited my whole life to do this, it's pretty special to me.

oneoldcowgirl said...

Sounds ( and looks ) Heavenly. So glad you got to do that. Fall is pretty isn't it?

C-ingspots said...

Oh my - those pictures are just beautiful, especially like that first one!! Now, those are the kinds of trails I enjoy riding these days; not the drop-offs on either side - thank you very much! Been there, done that and just get scared in my older age. What a wonderful trip! We didn't get to ride our horses at all this past summer. My trailhorse went blind, Ladde got injured at the beginning of the riding season, Shad and Kadie are retired. But...we got Eagle in August and I'm hopeful next year will be better! What state is this ranch in? It's beautiful, especially love the fall colors. Glad you went and had such a good time!

aurora said...

I agree 'Ole Cowgirl, Fall is pretty!

C-ingspots, Spur of the Moment Ranch is in northern Wisconsin - you ride in the Nicolet National Forest. There are likely similar overnight ranches in other states too. You are off to a great start with Eagle, and heading towards happy trails!

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog! Why not come along and post this at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network -http://hay-net.co.uk/ Hope to see you there!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Look us up the next time you head north. We're about 40 mins from SOTM and ride there often. And check out the Machickanee Trails in Oconto County, our club manages them: www.outbackriderswi.org

Happy trails!

aurora said...

Thanks for reaching out, and especially the trail tips! Looking forward to our next visit north!!