reunion, the rest of the story

The rest of the reunion story is an eye opener. Altho Koda & Nemo had never met Old Man, we assumed an old horse that was at the bottom of the pecking order would stay there. The Resident Pony even bosses him around. I drove my hubby nuts the two weeks prior to bringing Koda & Nemo home, speculating how we were going to merge the herd so that Old Man wouldn't get hurt.

Nemo really listens to Brad. If needed, we knew he would stop whatever action might occur. We've never seen Nemo move horses for any other reason then food, he just gestures - and they move. For the past six months we've watched Old Man move when asked, and figured it should be a non-issue. We completely misjudged the situation. Who knew Old Man would turn into a raving Alpha out for Nemo's blood??!!

Harmony planted a good one on him, I think it was a "don't even try it" message. That didn't faze Old Man, he bolted and cornered Nemo in the shed. Thank goodness Brad was nearby to get him away, and stop the attack. Nemo didn't know what to do, he didn't even try to fight back. Poor guy :( he got two bites with broke skin, that swelled up. It could have been a lot worse.

Needless to say we separated our four, and the two residents. Its been that way all week. We put our four in the arena so that the residents get some turn out time. Old Man is still charging and ramming himself into the metal panels. I've never seen a horse with blood in their eyes, that just wants to fight. It's not likely to change anytime soon. I'm not falling for his woe is me "I'm so old" act again...we are considering several options.

In the midst of the madness, our trio quickly re-bonded.

(L-R) Harmony, Koda, Nemo were glued together
Nemo has had a lot to say since he's been home.

"I didn't miss your camera"
When we came back to do chores the following morning, Harmony was lame. Her pastern was so swollen, she could hardly put weight on it :( No clue what caused it, might have been the kick or the footing in the woods? Her girl wrapped her up, and is helping her heal. Interesting how much better Harmony was able to walk with her leg wrapped.

We spent the following Sunday morning cleaning up the wooded area in the pasture, cutting and hauling fallen tree's - and spending time with our horses. It's good to have them home all together, just wish the situation was different...

Some things are just better together, even water.
(L-R) Harmony, Nemo, and Koda


fernvalley01 said...

Guess the iold fella had something to say about the boys coming back! Too bad, glad you were there to stop it from getting too severe. Rotten when there is a wreck

Leah Fry said...

You may have just given the Old Man a new lease on life.

Shirley said...

Since Old Man came there when the boys were gone, he probably thinks the mares are "his" and is defending hos turf.