first 2011 ride at home

Yep, you read the title right. Today was our first ride of the year at home. We had a very windy, but good sunny Sunday ride. We haven't ridden for almost two weeks. I was SO happy to be back in the saddle!

One never knows how horses will behave when they return home from an extended stay at the trainers, and are asked to go to work in a completely different (relaxed) setting. Koda's ground manners were great. I really think he misses Iron Horse, and was happy to do something structured. Nemo got himself in trouble and had to be reminded what is not acceptable, however that didn't last long and the good boy that he is showed up for the rest of the time.

The resident girls were sooo excited, they came running down to watch everything. They are very sweet. We hope they'll join us in more horsey related things, eventually maybe even trail rides? I briefly lunging Koda, much to my surprise he listened better then usual. We did a short warm up ride in the arena. I asked him to turn on the haunches, and got nothing. Really? I have to put my spur on and roll?? This was unusual. Nothing worked. I know darn well he knows what I am asking for. I lifted my rein to encourage him, but didn't have to use it. He gave me a sloppy turn, but I''ll take it - next ride I'll make sure to leave my spurs on (I prefer not to trail ride with spurs) so I can roll, and remind him the same rules apply at home. 

Out on the trail we went...Koda & Nemo did well walking past the big machinery, and other farm stuff and onto the path, that leads to the fields. With the crops rotated, much is different and yet the same.

Hay fields can be pretty.
The sun was very bright and shadows were long. On the way back, I got a big spook from Koda. Not sure what that was all about, no one else saw whatever caught him by surprise. Shortly after we kicked up a big pheasant in a different field. Brad said it's been years since they've seen any of them on the farm. 

The sun made everything glow.

I'm looking forward to many more farm rides, and once the fields are harvested, even further ones. It's going to be another busy week, have a great one!


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a beautiful day for it . Koda was just checking to see if yoyu were serious! lol, rotters sometimes I think they do just that!

Anonymous said...

yeh, thatz a golden sunny day and offered u a great shot for the challenge. well done

Breathe said...

I imagine he thought he was on vacation. ;). Beautiful light in those photos.

juliette said...

I am glad your boys are home and you are back riding. Your farm is soooo beautiful - especially in that autumn light. Enjoy your horse! Looks like a fun time for everyone!