build-a-barn ~ a months progress

It has never been more apparent then in recent weeks, how many times you have to dig the same piece of ground in the building process. You dig it, fill it in, re-dig, re-fill - just to dig it up again!! 

My last barn update was over a month ago. The guys dug a trench, and poured a support "wall" for our room. More (re) digging was required for services to go inside the barn. Brad rented a mini-excavator to get that part of the job done...

front room is dug up for services
from house to be connected
stall side wall gets dug up for water to run off outside
stall wall pvc pipe is secured
outside gets re-dug for pipe extension
We did a lot more then dig this past month. Brad & I hung up insulation, and covered it with plastic. What an itchy mess that was, altho we were well protected. Our daughter came out to help us hang tongue & groove board. Things go much faster with an extra pair of hands!

long outside lower half of wall is done
Brad and I set the second half of the wall using two ladders. The boards are super heavy, especially the ones that aren't completely dry. Wish I had the upper body strength and nerves to climb an even higher ladder, to finish the top row. Sigh. 

so much done, and yet so much wall left to do
including the end walls, and trimming
The horse side required a lot of work done for sections of concrete (not the stalls) to be poured. Last weekend Brad needed "fines" (ground up rock, that compacts) scooped from a pile outside the barn, brought inside, dumped in strategic locations, and spread. Our son was too busy to help, so he asked me to run the bobcat for him :)

Nothing like coordinating 2 feet and 2 hands to raise,
 lower, move and spin ~ including inside the barn!
 Yikes, t
hank goodness I didn't hit anything!!
It was tight (for me) near the floor drain that was already set
while I hauled, Brad compacted
and compacted
and shoveled
(my view from inside the bobcat,
waiting to finish dumping the load of fines)
I got better and faster with the bobcat as the day progressed, except I kept hitting the horn accidentally. It is strategically placed on the back side of one handle. Scared the crap out of me every time. We had us some good laughs!! 

front room has gone through multiple phases
to get to this stage
more digging happened to connect key areas
Brad also framed the other room(s) floor
plumbers did some work (and of course digging!)
the pressure tester is temporary
The last photo was taken yesterday. That pretty much sums up a months progress on the barn. Whew, didn't think I would ever get this post written! Thanks for reading and scrolling along. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and enjoying better weather then we are ~ brrr!!

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wheely nice table

I was trying to do one collective catch-up post with photos, but can't seem to pull it off. So I'll just have to post separately, or they'll never get posted! Below are a few long overdue phone pics of the wheel table we picked up at fair. 

Our wheel table was purchased from a vendor called Cowboys Friend Remade Treasures out of Iowa. They reupholster furniture & repurpose antique things. The vendor owns a similar 8 foot wheel dining room table. She added an old lariat to hers, between the wheel and the glass. She showed us a photo to give us ideas of what we could do with ours, and mentioned barb wire as another possibility. The wood is so old I love it the way it is, altho barb wire would be cool.The fun part is the table spins.

We were hoping to learn the back story of the wheel, but apparently the guy who made our table has passed on.The only thing I know about it, is her husband stumbled across a smaller 4 foot table made by the same guy who made their table. He bought it right before our fair. She didn't have time to do anything to it, which worked out for us since I like it the way it is. The only thing I plan to do is re-felt the bottom of the loose hub.

The wheel hub on top comes off. It just sits on the glass.
The vendor puts her horse theme salt & pepper shakers inside hers.
Decorations or flowers would look nice too.
Looking down at the table.
 See the photo bomber? 
My silly cat Sydney, he follows me just like a dog.
Table top with the top hub removed.
Click the photos to see how old & weathered the wood is!!

Sorry the phone pics aren't that great. The table is sitting in our unfinished dark basement. It was our first purchase for the new house, or maybe the human room in the barn. Four chairs fit nicely around it. The chairs were included, but we will likely look for others that match better. I think it would make a fun card table, as long as it isn't a game of spoons!!