my kinda black friday

Had a great day, we trailered up to Iron Horse (for any new readers, it's our trainers place) and rode for the first time in three weeks. Yes, I am counting. The only thing I spent today was quality time riding my horse, with good company - my kinda Black Friday!

When we arrived Shauna called Koda's name, instantly he perked his ears up ~ awe. He really misses being there, more then likely the routine. Three meals a day in a roomy stall, no one to chase him away from his food, daily exercise...a horsey kinda spa!

Koda did everything I asked today, without hesitation. I was amazed. Not sure why, but I had my doubts. More because of me, and the length of time between rides. It's been even longer since we rode in an arena, and did anything more then a walk. Our trainer, and the assistant (Shauna, who happened to be visiting) both thought Koda & Nemo looked great. I'd have to agree other then being outta shape, they were both rock stars! 

We rode in the outdoor arena with some horse & rider combo's we've never met, that included a Paint stallion. It was all good, no one seemed to mind. It's always fun to watch & learn while our trainer works with others. Great weather for the end of November in Wisconsin, close to 60 F. 

Near the end of our ride my poor guy ran outta gas, on the spot. I didn't ride him hard, but he went from okay to spent in a nano second. Of course we called it a day, and a happy one at that. He'll sleep good tonight, and so will I.


Shirley said...

Any day that includes riding is a good day. Glad you enjoyed your Koda today.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day (way better than shopping!)

Leah Fry said...

I'm with Fern, and would have spent yesterday the same way except that last week's rain left the arena still too wet to till. And I think it rained again last night. Oh well. Considering our extreme drought, I promised God I would never again complain about rain no matter what plans it wrecked. So, Plan B, whatever that is today! Prolly cleaning. Bah!

juliette said...

Sounds like the best kind of Black Friday! I am happy you had warm temperatures. What a nice ride for you and your boys.

Once Upon an Equine said...

That is a great way to spend Black Friday. Beats shopping in the crowded mall any day. Glad you had a nice day and that Koda and Nemo were good boys.

50+ Horses said...

I agree with Once Upon an Equine...that definately beats shopping in a crowded mall, the traffic, the noise, (yuk)!