Ride for the Cure 2011

We had beautiful Fall weather for the Ride for the Cure. 75 trailers were expected. Not sure what the final count was, but the fundraiser was well attended. It was a good experience for all. Everyone was considerate, and came together for a good cause. I was really proud of Koda & Nemo, we experienced a lot of new firsts. In our riding group we had Brad & Nemo, Trainer Patty rode Walter (a show horse, trying out the trail) and Sue was on her horse Rasta. It was Sue's first trail ride and Rasta's second (you might remember him from our recent White Mound trip) they did great. Just look at her smile...

Sue & Rasta's first trail ride

The event was held at the Kettle Moraine Ranch, we rode in Kettle Moraine State Forest. There was a silent auction, raffle, a few vendors, good homemade food, free apples, a drill team show and a costume contest. This little guy should have gotten first place in the costume contest...

Costume contest

Below is a pic of us watering our un-thirsty horses...why is that? All the humans were very thirsty after our trail ride, the horses not so much. At least until later, when Koda drained the bucket. No one else drank tho...

(L-R) Nemo & Brad, Rasta & Sue, Patty & Walter

We watched the Kettle Moraine Rough Riders drill team show...



A major highlight was seeing Koda & Nemo's breeder, Diane. She hasn't seen them in person since we bought them as yearlings...

(L-R) Brad & Nemo, Diane, Koda & me
(Nemo & Koda were born one day apart)

Koda got to say hi to his mom, Pistol...

Hi Mom, remember me?

Is that really you mom?
Below is a another photo of Koda's mom (on the left) unfortunately they were already loaded up by the time we connected. Pistol is not only Koda's Dam, she is also Nemo's Grand Dam. Nemo looks a lot like her, Koda doesn't look anything like her.

(L-R) Pistol (Koda's dam, Nemo's grand dam) & Cash

We did the raffle, some bidding, and enjoyed lunch - it was a great day!

Nemo & Brad


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great outing! ANd Pistol, looks like a sweet mare

Shirley said...

What a fun outing, and perfect weather for it. That "cow pony" is too funny.

allhorsestuff said...

Very cool outing! Loved that there was a mother meeting!!

aurora said...

Pistol is very sweet, she just melted in my hand when I scratched her.

It was a fun day, and helped Breast Cancer Research at the same time.