nemo's allergy update

If you've been following this blog for a while, then you already know that Nemo has allergies. If you are a newer reader you can read past informative posts about allergies here, along with some great reader suggestions on allergy care in these comments.

To summarize, Nemo's allergies surfaced in 2014 when he was seven. In the beginning we tried various medicines, in different combinations. We tried Dexamethasone, eye ointments, Equipatches, double masking, a Guardian Mask and adjusted his turn-out. We ended up having Nemo's allergies tested. Started allergy shots and continue doing Subcutaneous Immunotherapy to this day. 

While our horses were boarded, we agreed with our trainer that she would give him his shots. I would reorder Nemo's allergy shots, figure out the schedule and make a hard copy calendar to keep track of it all. 

When we moved our horses, we learned how to give Nemo his shots and took over all his allergy care. While we were switching, the timing got confused. We figured it out, and now have a permanent place for his calendar in our barn. 

our attempt to stay organized
Nemo's allergy calendar on right & magnetic dry erase stuff on left

Nemo get's two allergy shots, the same set always on the same side. We were surprised and concerned that he does react. Especially on one side. It really helps to massage the bump, and by the next day it's gone. 

Nemo's reaction
The first three days the horses were home, Nemo was turned out all day without any mask! We were thrilled.

Nemo in June
Day four it rained, and it must have knocked pollen down because poor guy came in at night with puffy eyes. We felt bad and decided to just automatically mask him. With only one mask. First we used the Guardian mask, but the eye edges block peripheral vision. Not ideal with a sensitive horse that wants to keep track of his world. We switched to Cashels Quiet Ride (my fav mask) and so far it's been going pretty good.

We are now mid-August and he seems to be a bit more bothered. Not terrible head flicking, but Nemo follows Koda so closely most of the day. In his shade, under his tail, and rubbing against him. He must be driving Koda nuts. I can hear Nemo frequently clearing his nose. 

Nemo has only come in once early afternoon, since we moved. He stays out all day. At our trainers he was double masked and coming in by noon, or even around 10 am most days during allergy season. 

Nemo's allergies have clearly improved since we moved. But I think we can help him even more. I re-read previous related readers comments (link in first paragraph) and plan to bug talk to Brad about trying some of your suggestions. I would love nothing more then to see Nemo's allergies improve even more. He is such a personable guy. 



when I hung up this welcome sign
I wasn't talking about this!


where have all the bloggers gone

" Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?

Where have all the blogs gone?
I miss them, every one.
Oh, when will they ever return? "

I've recently noticed some of my favorite blogs have **poof** disappeared. Not just inactive, but removed. Vanished. Deleted. It's all part of the invisibility of the internet, but it just feels odd. After reading what you chose to share, and getting to know you. Perhaps they've run off to the greener side of Social Media, or didn't want to leave bread crumbs?

I followed a couple bloggers who said good-bye a long time ago. They switched to Instagram. While I love seeing their horsey photos & catching snippets from them, let me tell you it's not remotely the same. At least I know they are okay. Not sure about those that up and suddenly disappear. I certainly hope they are okay, and just had a change of heart.


A while ago I noticed Kate's blog was missing from my reading list. You know, Kate from Illinois. Sorry, I do not remember the exact name of her blog(s). I tried to look them up via comments on my blog, just incase the computer gremlins are playing tricks on me. Alas it appears both blogs have been removed, along with her comments on my blog. Only her profile name remains.

Kates first blog had an incredible wealth of horse health information she shared with us. I recall it had the word "Horse" in the blog name, and her more recent blog was titled "The Oak Tree" or similar.

Yesterday I noticed Mrs. Shoes blog about life on her farm has gone away. Into the darkness *sniff* No more updates on the beautiful place they built up from scratch, animals, Mr. Shoes or her canny humor. Not many of my posts went by without my hubby commenting on her often funny commentary. 


I truly hope those of us still blogging continue sharing, for all that it offers. 

I don't blame anyone for shutting their blog down. It should be time well spent, and enjoyable. If it wasn't, I would stop as well. Altho I don't think I could hit delete on something I spent so much time creating. 

Blogging doesn't have to be a regimented chore. I blog to get things off my mind. To journal our life happenings. For friendship, and to get help or ideas from like-minded knowledgeable horse lovers. Many of which I hope to meet in person, some day. 

If you do choose to hit delete in the future, or become an inactive blogger, know I've truly enjoyed sharing all things horse (and more!) with each of you. Certain things trigger memories of what we've shared. I do hope you will write when the mood strikes you, or stop by for a visit and let me know how life is treating you and your horses. Don't get lost in the fog.

foggy barn


taking it to new heights

aerial view of our horses from above our roof
Nemo on the lookout
while Koda & Harmony graze

Brad calls out to Nemo
I am sure he is wondering why we are in the sky

Nemo whinny's to Koda & Harmony

All three come running together