build-a-barn ~ making progress

The builders continued making good progress on the barn. It was interesting to see what they chose to work on. Much was dictated by the weather. The snow, cold & ice prevented them from working a couple days, now the wind picked up. They worked through it, but the second half of the roof had to wait. 

when the wind finally calmed down
it took four guys to maneuver the long metal sheets
we are putting six stalls along the west side
and one double stall with a removable partition
on the 
interior wall for injury recovery/foaling
36x40 stall windows
The photo below shows several noteworthy things, besides the ratchet "traps" that seems to have made it into almost every interior photo in some way shape or form!! Notice the "crack" along the center line of the roof? The two sides of the roof intentionally do not connect for optimum airflow. It does get covered with a ridge vent.

At the far end are giant rolls of insulation. The builders will insulate the horse side of the barn walls. To save on cost, we are insulating the storage walls & the entire roof. 

To the right of the rolls of insulation is another framed square window. Any guesses what that window is for?? Nope, not the double stall. That will be on the same side but complete opposite end of the barn. From about the end, to the second wall post ;) ha ha

The window is for a small room, for us - and it will have a BATHROOM!!!!!!! I've been telling anyone, it's the one thing I am the most excited about! Even more then the house. Having a bathroom, IN the barn!! SO happy about this! People look at me like I am really weird, but I mean it. Wholeheartedly. Yes, it's one more bathroom to clean - but, it will be small and worth it!

A girls gotta shoot for the sky, so I threw the bathroom idea into the mix of possibilities. Right away, it got shot down as unnecessary. I pick & choose my battles wisely, and made my reasons known. They start and end with, do you know how often I have to pee?! After more thought, Brad realized it really was a good idea. It won't be anything fancy, but it will be nearby! 

Brad walking through the service door
into the horse side

our ice skating rink aka storage side
will have six matching windows for natural light
and potential stall expansion
back of barn looked like this
for what seemed like a long time

front of barn didn't change for a while either
(see our stack of boxed windows)

at the end of the very next day
the storage outside wall looked like this!
inside storage wall
will need insulation & finishing
father-son barn talk
one of my favorite inside storage views
I really really wanted to photograph the cupolas being set...but I just couldn't make it up to the land earlier in the day. Sigh. The next best thing was seeing them with my hubby & son for the first time!!

we have two cupolas
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Day 42/365 ~ photo challenge


build-a-barn ~ the fun continues

If you read my previous post on trusses, you've picked up on the fact that I am a tad bit obsessed with them. I mean, just look at what they create...the shapes, the shadows, the unlimited possibilities, and you can SEE between them!! Not to mention their real purpose. 

close-up of the peak 
inside the barn, looking straight up the center
bonus points if you spot the crescent moon
The only person more excited about building the barn then me, is Brad. He was out there twice a day in the am & pm, on every possible work day. Checking on progress and keeping a watchful eye. The first week warranted daily visits for me, after that the building changes were less obvious so I didn't go as often.

looking out the horse side of the barn
base of dividing interior wall
Many conversations were had in the open barn that included things like "the _____ will be from about here to here". Of course we did the floor plans together, but I am terrible with full scale dimensions! I just can't visualize large scale things. I'm a details gal. Brad did a lot of explaining and answering questions. To add to my learning curve, support wood was constantly being put up and taken down. I asked a lot of "why is that there?" I have no idea how the builders knew what went where and just when to move what. I am just glad they did, and so efficiently! It must be like assembling a barn sized jigsaw puzzle, where you also configure the pieces.

the ultimate inspector (Brad)
is someone in a related trade
ratchet tie-downs
The builders had strategically anchored ratchet tie-downs. They looked a bit like booby-traps. See that twisted stick? I'm pretty sure if you hit one just wrong you either lose an eye, or it scoops your feet up and you find yourself hanging upside down from the trusses! Ha haa!! Either that, or if you trip the tie-downs the whole barn comes toppling down! That would not be a fun game of pick up sticks!! I was very careful around them.

strategically placed wood
the first pole wall that went up
is still straight as ever
looking up at the center peak

We ran into a few days with less then ideal building weather. Some snow, some rain then ice. Needless to say, the barn site got very slippery! The next time I saw the barn it was dark, and they were framing.

center dividing wall
(iphone pic)
they started putting the metal on
the roof, soffits & sliding door frames

the dividing wall was the first one covered
you can see the sun setting through the door,
and future square stall window

the stall side faces west
 Do you see what I see?
An exposed truss!!!
The front of our barn has an over hang entry. After a lot of thought, we decided it was worth the extra expense. We think it will be an area we use a lot, for pure enjoyment. We wanted some place we could just hang out, near our horses. To take a break from chores or whatever, outside with a cool beverage of choice. Without having to go into the house. We plan to put a couple chairs on the porch, or maybe a bench or...who knows. We haven't gotten that far, still in the dreaming stage...

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build-a-barn ~ raising the roof

The excitement at our barn reached sky high proportions on day 3! It was time to set the trusses, with a huge 75 ton crane!!

before I realized I was too close for the long lens on my camera,
they had lifted and were placing the first truss

the back truss got placed first 
or not
why are they bringing it back? 
something isn't right
Brad walking through the barn to fill me in
the reach to the back was a little short
the crane is now parked inside the barn
perspective really changes the appearance of the truss
resetting the first truss 
view from behind the barn
makes the truss looks huge
day 33/365 ~ photo challenge

the fearless builders climbed up the barn like it was a jungle gym

the crane was moved back out of the barn
to pick up the second truss
flying trusses 
setting truss two
the crane holds the trusses in place
until the builders secure it

the builders use a lift to climb onto the rest of the trusses
all trusses are set by the end of the day

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build-a-barn ~ phase two

SO much has happened over the past several weeks, that I haven't been able to keep up!! They started our pole barn on January 31! We are extremely excited, and I am loving watching and photographing the building process. Let me tell you it is AMAZING to see all the hard work that goes into building. Seeing it all come together is more fun then I could have ever imagined!!! I've tried to catch the building process in as many stages as I could, to relive these once in a life time memories...

Day One: 

it all starts with a pole
I got permission to take photos from the foreman
pretty sure the rest of the crew thought I was crazy

perfectly spaced poles await

wider view of barn site
all lined up
one pole, after the other, and another...
I kept count for a while, and sent Brad updates

securing the poles to the foundation

our wooden barn puzzle

Day Two:

the trusses arrived! the trusses arrived!!

marking window placement for pre-approval
preplanning = efficient work flow

looking through the sliding doors

view from behind the barn

It was very cold, but it didn't stop these guys from working hard. Only two days into the process, and our barn has already taken shape! Horses will be on one side, storage on the other. 

wider view of back of barn site
Stay tuned for the next, most exciting building day! So exciting, it deserves it's own post!!  

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