a little extra

Our horses, dogs, koi, and wild birds all need a little extra food and watchful eye these days for things like frozen water. The ground has become crunchy, hard, uneven and slippery - making it difficult to walk on. The wooded pasture area looks like a skating rink. Our horses are moving very slowly, and thankfully stepping with care.

After morning chores,
I re-filled the bird feeders and had a little help cleaning up whatever spilled from our aussie-labs Mack (black) and Sam (brown).

Oddley enough, the ground is clear and not icy around the bird feeder/pond area - but the mini-icebergs that formed on the floating de-icer speak volumes about our weather. That's not snow. After all these years it still amazes me our hibernating koi survive underneath all that thick ice.

And then there's our cat Sydney...what a life. I woke him up from his morning nap, which comes right before his afternoon nap, that is shortly before his evening nap...lets just say he doesn't know the meaning of the word cold.

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