round two

We revisited Iron Horse Training Center today, and left with no doubt in our minds - we will be taking our boys (and us) through their horse training program! Patty really knows her stuff, and answered most of my "round two" questions before I had even asked them - in a very understandable, kind-hearted way.

The barn had a calming feel about it again, content horses full of personality, happy dogs, a bunny, and a big spoiled cat named "King" - because apparently that's what he is :) All that is left to do is pick a date, write a check (for two, gulp) and take the leap of faith. I can't wait to get started! I found out Patty also teaches riding lessons (different from her training/owner riding program) altho it's a bit of a haul (40 min one way). I'm seriously thinking about starting those up again as well - it's been a good two years and I miss them.

Not sure how much Harmony is going to like being down at the farm without the boys, but she's had plenty of time to get adjusted to the new location and will have the resident pony to visit with on the days they turn her out.


JeniQ said...

Glad you found a good training barn, they are hard to find and it sounds like this one fits your needs as well as the horses.

As for the breed of dog I have - Collies - smooth coat and roughs. I inherited my mom's breeding.show kennel when she passed last February. I have her website still up, but haven't been able to bring myself to update it anymore than I already have. There are pictures there though of some of the dogs:


aurora said...

Thanks Jeni, this trainer has a great caring reputation.

So very sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad you have her beloved Collies - they are beautiful!