cold-n-sunny craze

I should have hummed, instead of hawwed this morning when I debated about bringing my camera with me to feed...the horses were all acting like a buncha silly two year old nuts! Playfully bucking, spinning, and running around in a cold-n-sunny craze. Koda and Nemo are two, not sure what Harmony's excuse was - she was the silliest of all! I was getting the feed ready, when I hear Brad bustin' out in laughter... "what did I miss?"..."oh Harmony couldn't decide which leg to kick-up, so she tried all four at the same time"!!

They usually just hover near their spots when it's breakfast time. Below is a photo of Nemo patiently waiting to be fed, it was taken yesterday - which was also sunny and cold. Who know's what stirred up the craze today, all I know is it's fun to watch. Hopefully I'll have my camera with me next time the silly mood strikes them!


JeniQ said...

It must be in the air... I'm hoping it means there's a weather changing and for the better!

Debbie Vandevelde said...

I would have to agree, I heard the weather is going to be pretty warm out this coming week.YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Warming up would be good! (Thanks for visiting and following along!)