weekend observation

It appears there is a shift in our small herd, and Koda is now low man on the totem pole (other than the resident pony). I guess I'm not surprised, Harmony is bigger, older and wiser, and Mare-ish. I'm missing my happy-go-lucky boy, he didn't seem quite himself this weekend. No, they aren't beating up on each other - just herdin' around. Harmony has more or less switched places with Koda. Nemo is Nemo and he doesn't share with anybody, ever. I'll be curious to see if this shift holds, or changes depending on circumstances.

We got
our crew more grain, gave them fresh bedding, and counted bales. We'll need more hay, and soon - that'll be fun in the snow...hopefully we get more while the weather is still decent (high's around 30 this week).


Debbie Vandevelde said...


aurora said...

Thanks Deb. Between work & hockey we won't be able to get out and play much this week, but it sounds like the weather will hold out until the weekend?!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Herd behavior is so interesting. Hopefully they'll sort it all out soon and Koda will become comfortable with his spot.

Julie said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog!


aurora said...

Thanks for visiting Julie!

The herds been mixing it up, other than Nemo lol. Wish they were right outside my window, I love watching them interact.