Random or targeted?

Yesterday I heard the news, somebody whacked Bill’s beautiful tail off (and part of his mane)….thank god they only cut his hair.
Bill is a well-known and loved Haflinger, owned and shown locally by our daughters close friend Ashley (photo previously posted, see labels). What kind of person would do such a cruel thing, and why?
He was turned-out in a paddock by the road with another horse, who had nothing done to him. Could it be Bill’s gregarious personality that found him randomly being violated or, did some sick person target Bill/family for unknown reasons…I’m leaning towards the latter. I may just go to the show tomorrow, and be a fly on the wall. If it was targeted, my guess is the scum will be their trying to hide their gloating….won’t prove anything - but it might help a great family shed some light on the situation. Don’t worry Bill, many others will be keeping their ears and eyes open – and you know what, we all think your awesome with or without hair!!


JeniQ said...

How sad and mean! I'd be thinking about moving Bill to a different paddock closer to house or barn.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's just mean to do to any horse. Hope he's able to be moved somewhere closer so someone can keep an eye on him. Poor Bill, he must have been scared.

aurora said...

I know, isn't it just sad? Bill is actually boarded inside, and was turned out in the paddock during the day. The place is huge, lots of folks around...not sure how this could happen and in broad daylight. I agree, I would be requesting turnout closer to the barn. Bill has boatloads of personality and is a very willing horse - and he's pretty smart, which sadly leads me to believe it was someone he had met before. Thanks for your concern for our friend Bill.