pull what?

Harmony's registration appears to be going through...a process. Our check was cashed right away (there's a surprise) and then we waited, and waited, and wondered what was going on with her registration. When would we hear if it's a yeay or a neigh? We decided we should call AQHA, and then the letter arrived. But wait, that's not a letter - it's a DNA collection kit! We knew we would have to get Harmony's DNA at some point, but, um, I was expecting some sophistafunk container along with a scraper/puller/draw-er something or another. Nope. A piece of paper with instructions.

No surprise to Brad, he was well aware of what we needed to do and thought I would be the best one to pull her hair out - and with that I said "you want me to pull what? 50 hairs? Wrap my finger around several times and yank. No can do. I know it doesn't hurt them, but all the same we are trying to re-connect."
I rode Harmony for a brief time several years ago when I was beginning to take lessons.....but that's another story. Needless to say Brad yanked, I mean collected, her hair (not in one clump) and I took pictures :) a job I'm much better suited for.

Harmony's mane has
been show-trimmed for years and isn't that long, which made it slightly more manageable. It is growing out, and looking oh so pretty I might add. Not all collected hairs appear to have a "fibrous" end, some looked like a tiny spec of black by the time we got back home. The roots probably shriveled up, it's cold outside. Hope we got what we needed?!! If not, I'm sure they'll eventually send another "letter". On with the process and back to wondering, and waiting. Here are some photos of the sampling, and the letter - I mean DNA kit.

So many choices...this hair looks like a good one.

Looking for a good hair sample from "the other" end.

The DNA Kit, with roots properly placed.


JeniQ said...

Great blog !

I have show dogs as well as my horses. I've had to deal with AKC so I completely understand the annoyance. Hope all goes well.

Tracey said...

Someone collected samples of Steve Holt!'s mane last year in an effort to do some mustang dna sampling. I'd forgotten until reading this post of yours...I'll have to go find out what the results were!

aurora said...

Thanks for joining my blog Jeni :)

What dog breed do you show? My daughter worked for a Lab breeder, and dabbled with helping show them.

aurora said...

Tracey, I'll look forward to hearing what you find out about Steve Holt!'s DNA sample!!

I'm not sure if AQHA will tell us anything about Harmony's DNA, or just send us her papers that tell us what we already know, she's officially a quarter horse.