flying hay bales

We restocked our hay supply this morning, the bales were flying on the truck.

Unloading never goes as fast, especially since we had to carry the bales further to re-stack...gotta "love" winter.

We put our horses (and Barbie, aka resident pony) in the back pasture and opened up the round pen so they could see what was going on - they were all SO excited! They haven't been back there in a while, the snow is much deeper and fresh. Add to that the loose hay smorgasbord they know they'll soon be getting and it was a regular buck-fest, snow-rolling, runnin' around wild good time! I snapped a few quick photos of their antics, but unfortunately had to get back to hauling bales. 
  Apparently Harmony loves snow, she was a rolling fool - or at least Koda thinks so!

Nemo giving Koda & Barbie a little incentive to keep moving.

Best photo I've ever taken of Nemo, looking so handsome!!


JeniQ said...

Nothing like having a barn full of hay... it's a good feeling for both human and equine alike =)

Anonymous said...

Nemo is beautiful - they do love the snow! Glad you have all that hay to last you through the cold weather.

aurora said...

Thanks :) We are all happy our hay supplier had extra bales to sell. Hopefully next winter we'll know ahead of time how many mouths we need to feed.