out with the old

These days our horses are taking it slow, with but a few stretching lopes & bucks in between their casual strolls. It's probably a good thing, the bitter cold we've had this past week cemented everything into hard crusty snow & ice - not the best footing. The single digits (plus whatever windchill) brought some things at the farm to a stand still. Glad we didn't have to thaw out water pipes again, however it did take a while to get the bobcat running. Never thought I'd be so happy to hear it fire up. Brad hauled buckets of bedding for another round of "out with the old and in with the new" - fluffy stuff that is. I thought I was going to freeze right to the gate (no, I didn't try licking it). I was equally happy to hear the bobcat shut off.

It didn't take long for Koda to leave the hay and come over to help spread the bedding around. He
couldn't wait to get into it, such a goofball. Shortly thereafter he proceeded to try and wear the white plastic bags on his head. Really horse, I thought you were suppose to be afraid of white scarey stuff that makes noise and blows around willy-nilly? It made standing around freezing, well, fun in a twisted-cold kinda way.

Between the early darkness and cold weather, I don't see nearly enough of our horses - or get to experience the fun only they can provide (regardless of temperature). So how about another round, but this time "out with the cold and in with new" - warmer weather, that'll give everyone a reason to stretch, and have fun!!

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