between the storms

Winter is in full force in WI, making horse-time (other then chores) almost non-existent. Our fuzzy herd doesn't seem to mind winter, they just play a little more carefully and eat more intently. I'm glad their thick coats keep them warm. Cierra's black coat in particular is a sun magnet. Nothing like cold weather, and warm horses - to fill your heart!

Cierra, getting so big - and yet still so small.
We had such a long wonderful Fall, it doesn't seem right to complain about Winter - after all it is December. Instead we take advantage of the breaks in the cold weather, and try to get outdoor chores done between the storms.

Her royal cuteness, enjoying the hay bunk to herself.
Among other things, we cleaned out the shed, restocked the hay and emptied the sh** bucket. I stayed good and warm in my trusty Rockies boots, bouncing between gate duty, helping with chores, snapping photos, and triple dipping on horsey-hugs.

Harmony and Cierra are buddies.
Harmony pulls enough hay down for both of them.

Nemo didn't make it on the blog today, none of his pictures turned out. Too bad, cuz we love his winter coat! I'll try to get a good photo of him next time. He was very much there today, trying to help and keeping a watchful eye as usual.

Koda is happiest with hay in his hair, today it's highlighted with snowflakes.
We have another hay wearer in our family, Cierra. It doesn't help she stands underneath Harmony, who always pulls hay down to eat. I wonder if she will continue the hay fashion, when she gets older & taller? Pretty sure she's got Koda beat, with the most hay on her head (and back and neck and...)!

Look at my new green coat!
The snow blanket was white and pretty in untraveled areas, making colors pop.  It's interesting to see the paths the horses choose, weaving throughout. Maybe someday we'll hop on the horses and make some paths in the snow together?


Shirley said...

Cierra is so cute, and nice name! I like riding bareback in the winter, sometimes just for fun I will find a fresh expanse of untrampled snow and have Beamer write his name in huge letters; it involves rollbacks, backing, quarter turns etc, and is a fun exercise to to.

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley. What a fun winter exercise! Hope to try it some time, K O D A would be some great shapes.