unstuffable stocking stuffers

One of my favorite elf tasks is picking out books of interest. They are unstuffable stocking stuffers, that I take great pleasure, and a very long time, picking out - with the hope the recipients will get great pleasure reading something they can hold in there hand, during this digital age.

My husband, who is a natural with horses: Whole Heart, Whole Horse by Mark Rashid

For the elf, who loves horses and photography: Spirit of the Horse by Bob Langrish & Nicola Jane Swinney

Inspiration for the daughter: Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul 2 by a whole bunch of writers

For the boy who doesn't like horses, and loves football: Football's Greatest Stars by Allan Maki

Did you receive/gift an inspirational horse (or other) book this holiday season?


Jeni said...

umm... no but man I'd like both the Rashid and Spirit of the horse books!!!

I received nothing equine related type gifts this year, actually I haven't received anything horsey since I asked Hubby for, and he bought, my aussie saddle a couple of years ago.

fernvalley01 said...

No books at all this year, but I did get that blingy headstall n Vegas , so I am NOT complaining

juliette said...

I have a handful of horse books that I love and use as reference and I planned to post about them BEFORE Christmas so blogging friends could find them as gifts. Oh well, I am a slacker!!! I will still attempt to get the post done soon - maybe friends can buy the books with their new Christmas money!

aurora said...

Jeni, that's a pretty nice gift. I've never ridden in an Aussie saddle - they look comfy.

Fern, looks like you had a ton of fun in Vegas. I'm sure your new headstall will be put to good use!

It's never too late Juliette, there are always Birthdays, Valentines, and Just Because Days!

livingadream2 said...

No books here, but just before Christmas I won a book - I put up a post about it.
I adore books. Keep me away from Barnes and Noble! Last year my extended family was i the planning stages of a trip to France. I had more fun picking out perfect titles for them for gifts.

Allison said...

Oh I would love the Rashid book for myself and my husband. My Mom bought me The Spirit of the Horse book. It's great reading about someone else whose husband is involved with the horses. (Nice meeting you!) :-) I hope Juliette does her post because I plan on treating myself to horse books throughout the year...my perks! Happy New Year

aurora said...

Living, somehow I missed your book winning post - I'll look for it. Agreed, picking the books out is half the fun!

Nice to meet you too Allison. It's great having a husband that is into horses, makes it all the more fun - and we have an instant trail partner! I just started reading The Spirit book, more or less a coffee table type book - but I am enjoying it so far and already learning. Had no idea about the true Wild Horse herd. I plan on reading my, I mean husbands, Rashid book too ;)