wild and woolly

The wild and woolly look of winter isn't pretty, but it's the warm outdoor fashion in colder area's. Harmony & Nemo have shorter hair which gets thicker, and Nemo's gets darker, but they don't sport "the look" quite like Koda & Cierra.

Cierra has the longest hair I've ever seen, it's easily 3" long in some areas. Perhaps because she was body clipped for the futurity show in September? She looks kinda scraggly in the picture below, but trust me she is solid and has a hay belly. Don't you think the wood chip bedding adds to the woolly look?

Cierra, 7 month woolly look

Koda really needs a good brushing before he goes to the trainer, and um, the wild man mohawk needs to go. We have messy rain predicted for the next couple days, alas grooming will have to wait. 

Koda, the wild look


Rising Rainbow said...

We have some pretty wild and wooly looks around here as well, even some bridle paths that aren't so pretty. While I love the feel of a healthy winter coat, I long for the sleek looking horses I own in summertime.

allhorsestuff said...

Winter horse hairdo's..yea gotta love em!

juliette said...

Snuggly Cierra and snowy dreadlocks - it is wintertime!

fernvalley01 said...

fst and furry! its the fashion around here these days too

Once Upon an Equine said...

It's all the rage here too. Fluffy horses are in fashion this season. Yours are adorable against that backdrop of white snow and white sky.

aurora said...

Looks like we've got stylin' company! I too prefer smooth clean coats, but for now I'll take warm fluffy snuggles!

Thanks, Once Upon :)