forbidden area

The past couple weeks have flown by, riding has come to a screeching halt. Too cold, too dark - and just plain too busy. It's been a challenge for me to get home in time for evening chores during the week, thank god for the weekends!

Just before the weather got really cold, we put our herd together 24/7. We had gradually increased their time to spending full days together, making the transition smooth. We also made some adjustments to our set-up. With winter weather looming, we reduced the size of our feed storage area so they would have a larger covered area to share. It does mean more trips hauling the large bales, but it's worth it to give them the space they need. We also took down a fence, and opened up the back pasture. 

The gang was ready to help when we arrived.
(L-R) Koda, Cierra, Harmony and Nemo
Hasn't the filly gotten big? and she even has a name - Cierra.

Cierra, just shy of 6 months
Everyone learns to adjust to being fed in the same area.

Breakfast is a beautiful thing
Cierra really likes to hang around Harmony, who is such a nice mare - she lets her. She would make a really great mom.

Cierra likes Harmony's grain better then her own,
we gently remind her - that's not her pan.
We feed what is left of the hay, and get ready to haul more...

Nemo investigating the forbidden area

The hay is better on the other side of the fence
...keeping them out of the way can be a challenge...

Harmony and Koda waiting for the hay fairy on wheels to back out

Koda cleaning up after everyone


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're getting some quality horse time even if it's not riding! They look very content.

Leah Fry said...

I think it's nice that you have Koda to tidy up after everyone. It's a tough job!

Jeni said...

Hahaha love the Nemo in the forbidden area! I agree with Kate you are getting quality time, even if it's not spent in the saddle.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

juliette said...

What a lovely little herd you have! My two favorites - Harmony's kindness to Cierra. How loving! And, Koda and Harmony waiting for the Hay Fairy to back out. Very cute! Horse time is horse time whatever the form, but I do think the lack of light makes riding tough to fit in. I was grumpy last night because I didn't get to ride yesterday. I hope you get to ride this weekend.

fernvalley01 said...

they are looking good.I like the filly's name

allhorsestuff said...

Yea, winter makes her own plans, for our times. I'm a little stuff from riding bareback all the time..so I've cut back too...and yea, East winds and rain + an off mare with strong dislike to arena still.

Cierra is awesome with your filly! Yea, she's sprouting up...spring will be like opening a present...shell she'd out-a new horse!
Good work...always love hearing of farm work...till I have my own, it's dreamy looking! ("~')