not a day too soon

Winter is such a pretty time of year, the snow gives everything a new look. Beautiful frosted trees, sparkling snow, and the colorful contrast winter brings are eye candy for a visual person like me...and then it warms up, and winter shows it's ugly side.

Yesterday some locations in WI hit 50F, the rain polished off road areas of ice into a smooth slick dangerous surface. Today we are left with that slick ice, dirty snow, fog, mist, mud, and piles of poop. Yuck!!

(L-R) Harmony and Koda cautiously walking, lots of heads down today
We fed, scooped what treasures we could find in the near vicinity, emptied the goldmine bucket, freshened up the bedding, and got lots of wet horsey hugs. I am always relieved to see our horses walking carefully in slick area's that can't be avoided, and choosing alternate paths to get around the area's that can.

 Nemo says "It's no fun moving the herd around, when you have to walk so slow"
Besides the bitter cold weather we had for what seems like forever, the endless hunting season, and the hidden chunky worked up soil in the fields - this my friends would be why we haven't ridden at home this winter, the footing.

Nasty Arena
 Tomorrow we head up to Iron Horse, and not a day too soon!!


fernvalley01 said...

It does look slick out! stay safe and Happy New Year

50+Horses said...

Slick here too. It's been a rough winter. Happy New year!

Donna said...

Brrrrr, these pictures make me shiver! You have a lovely little herd, I'm so jealous.

juliette said...

Happy New Year and happy trails to Iron Horse! Hope the warm temperatures continue even if they do bring the icky mud. At least Nemo and Koda will be in the clean indoor for riding!

aurora said...

Just a couple days of warmer temps, and the ice is almost completely gone. Back to a very cold, windy day better known as Winter. The good news is we are over the hump, and closer to spring.

Welcome Donna! Happy New Year everyone!!

Jeni said...

Yuck is right Aurora! Enjoy the indoor riding at Iron Horse!

Happy New Year my friend.