a growing bond

We continue to observe a sweet bond grow between Harmony and Cierra. I always thought it was just the little one seeking comfort from someone who would put up with her cute persistent ways, and share, until I watched our herd do their playful breakfast dance on Christmas Eve - and observed the bond goes both ways.

Brad & Nemo having a pre-breakfast conversation
Nemo always starts the breakfast shuffle, Harmony typically keeps to herself and circles around the outside of the feeding area, and Koda usually ends up making some type of silly moves while waiting to be fed. Cierra makes a beeline for one of us humans. She really likes her people. But before Cierra got to me, Harmony came out of no where and diverted several of the boys attempts to move her. She either simply pinned her ears, turned Cierra out of the way, or physically placed herself between Cierra and the playful boys - in order to redirect them. Harmony's actions spoke louder then words. She was obviously protecting her, not that she needs it. The herd gets along really well, and Cierra is a smart girl - but it never hurts to have someone older, wiser, and larger on your side!

Fuzzy Cierra, enjoying a peaceful breakfast.
(Nemo in the background)

It's been great to be able to help with am & pm chores during this holiday break. Time just hasn't allowed for much of anything related to horses in the past couple weeks, including blogging. Hoping to catch up with every one's blog soon! 

I miss interacting daily with our horses, and I really miss riding Koda! We haven't ridden since that last great ride in mid-November. At least the days are getting longer. I look forward to the New Year, and all the excitement it brings!


Jeni said...

Merry Christmas Aurora !

Word Verification is "Blessid" Blessid be you and yours!

fernvalley01 said...

Merry Christmas , sounds like all is going well, good that Harmony has the little ones back!

aurora said...

Blessid to your family as well Jeni!

Thanks Fern, hope you had a good Christmas!

I've missed you guys. I caught a couple posts on my ipod late at night last week, but posting from it is less then ideal. Maybe by next Christmas I'll have an ipad/laptop to help keep up with my favorite blogs?! Speaking of, I'm off to go sneak a peek :)

juliette said...

Happy Christmas and New Year. I love your stories about your herd and their bonding and breakfast rituals. Harmony is living up to her name. I find horse behaviours SO interesting. If it weren't so cold out, I would watch them for hours. I hope you fit in some horsey rides soon.

allhorsestuff said...

I love the interruption the festive Christmas and New Years holidays make!
Takes winter and makes specila family times and horsey times of cold, snow and darkness...what ever reason they changed the calender to December-for Christ's Birthday...fine with me!

Love your herd dynamics and how you describe them..that little beaut Cierra is going to be a handful..she has a strong will!
But- as you said,"it never hurts to have someone older,wiser,stronger on your side"! Love that~

You take care and enjoy dreaming of the "next Great Ride" it'll be here before you know it!

Rising Rainbow said...

Watching herd dynamics is always so interesting. Seems to me there is always a mare who will befriend a little one and take it under her wing.

Hope you're having a great holiday season!

Knight said...

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